Enormous loss

Wow. Snakebit again. 2nd year in a row a major player in the secondary loses the season with a torn pec!! Huge loss. Man.

I do think we will survive, because Curl and Callaway are super talented. But they are green. This could cost us especially early.

Horrible luck. Damn.

Big, big blow. Hard to replace your best CB and All SEC caliber player.

This is exactly why I never preface a prediction on our record with " if we get some breaks". We are Arkansas and this is the kind of break we are going to get.

It is a huge blow and I’m hopeful Calloway and Curl will develop as the year goes on. It’s unfortunate though that two true freshman are being put in that position due to evaluation issues in previous clssses. Outside of Pulley CB recruiting up until the 2017 class has been less than inspiring.

Hopefully Curl and m/or Calloway can play at a winning level soon.

I assume Kevin Richardson and Britto Tutt will play Corner more.

You can’t replace All-SEC overnight. While this gives TCU time to scheme against us, at least the staff has a couple of extra days to try to diminish the enormity of the loss.

Is it more than an unfortunate coicincidence? Could it be more than poor technique or bad luck? Should we review our lifting program or our pregame stretching? I don’t know. Just extremely disappointed to be losing Pulley in the same exact way we lost KRich.

By far the best corner on the team. One of the top 3 players on the defense. Really tough loss.

I suspect they’ll go with Curl behind him and Calloway playing a bigger role, but they could always flip K-Rich over there. Liddell is the No. 2 nickel and Micahh Smith was the No. 3 in fall camp, so that would leave them stretched pretty thin. Obviously they could always shift one of the freshmen to nickel if they felt that was best.

I like Curl a lot and think he’s going to be a good one, but it’s a tall task to step in and replace one of the better cover guys in the SEC in the second game of your career.

I wasn’t impressed with tritt at all. Huge blow for hogs. Tcu licking their chops. What a bummer. Thought the freshman held his own but that was against fau. We. Ant catch a break

It is a big loss but you have to be ready for injuries and expect them to happen.
Curl will be fine. He will have some freshmen mistakes and get better as his playing experience moves forward. The team is in better shape this year than last year with the same type of injury. Depth is slowly stacking up. Let’s all pray Pulley has a full recovery and rehab and comes back strong like his tweet stated.