Enoch Jackson to Arkansas

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … h-jackson/

That’s what I’m talking about!! This kid can flat out play some defense

Keep’em rollin.

Great! Now let’s go get his teammate lol

Unreal…these coaches are on a freaking roll right now!!! This kid will be a MAJOR help for us down the road!!! Huge pickup for the Hogs!!!


Awesome commit. Welcome, Enoch to the Hog family.
We are going to be a fearsome defense.

Woohoo!! great player and very underrated! easily a 4* don’t know what they can’t see other than he’s 6’1…love this guy!!

He’s got two important teammates he needs to influence. Reading he was the Leader and Captain at Mansfield-Legacy.

Best D-Line recruiting class in the last decade!

I just watched his highlights. This guy is a player. He often runs downs backs and he plays with an extreme dislike for anyone on offense, especially if you are carrying the ball. Of course, the opening saw him running over people for a TD.

I really like this one.

Number 17 on rivals now. Moving on up.

This staff is getting done. Love the results they are getting on the recruiting trail.

Large addition to an impressive defensive class… he should end up a Four Star with that kind of motor and ability.

Up to fifth in the West, passing Saint Gus and Moo. Also passed the Poultry.

Welcome Enoch. We are proud to have you join our family.