Enoch Jackson & Stacey Willkins

both announcing at 3 today.

With the way recruiting is going you never know what might happen.

Interesting wording… any reason to feel good (or even decent) about Wilkins?

I agree. That’s an interesting way to say it. Sounds like a good hint to me. At least I hope so.

I can’t help but think this staff is either thinking or hopefully knowing that Wilkins is committing to us.

Enoch seems to be a given.

But after some twitter patrolling I saw a few things that made me wonder, and so far every time that’s happened it’s been good.

Maybe I’m reaching here.

we get Anthony Wigan and I’m ok with wilkins going to OU .I really like Wighan and Limmer also Winkel.would love to have Wilkins too but we will be fine in the future on the OL.

High school coach pushing Wilkins to ou. Will be shocked if he chooses us.

The one thing I am sure of in the Stacey Wilkins ’ recruiting saga is that he is making his own decision.

I know his coach is from Oklahoma, but talking to Stacey and those around him, I am sure he is making his own decision.