Enoch Jackson is in the Portal

I don’t know where he was on the depth chart, but I can’t imagine that will help our depth on the defensive line any.

I’m beginning to really dislike the transfer portal. I understand it. I know why the NCAA is allowing players to do it. However, I do not like it. Players are now becoming free agents. Gone are the days when a player signs to play for a school & he’s there for 3-4 years. Coaches have to recruit them & keep recruiting them after they sign & even after they play. I don’t think I’d ever red shirt a kid again.

It’s just going to be a different world. I hope our coaches can use the portal better than other coaches so when all is said & done, we come out ahead on transfers.

It will become NFL/NBA lite as mentioned on this site. The result will be parity where exceptional is penalized as result. Then is ceases to be of the same value to the consuming public as before with all of the societal and economic impacts that accure to such action.

It seems to me that the ease of transferring is going to make it difficult to develop quality depth. The days of an offensive lineman, for example, spending two or three years developing before becoming a starter may be a thing of the past.

While watching the spring game, I saw Coach Pittman run this guy to the sidelines, pointing and clearly talking in a raised voice. Second half as I recall. Wonder if there are hurt feelings?

If that’s the case he will set transfer records.

I hate that for Enoch, his buddy is Taurean Carter and hope he stays .

This is what I think is going to be a problem. The coaches’ hands will be tied when it comes to discipline. They’re going to have to adapt to a system where the players are just more independent & less inclined to think of themselves as being part of a team.


The inmates will be running the asylum.

These kids aren’t inmates and not in an asylum,poor,poor analogy choice


Guess we should make scholarships guaranteed four years.



All about the attention. Somebody just hold me praise me.

I guess that’s relevant, but I’m not sure how

I wonder if there needs to be an amendment to the annual 25-counter limit? Will the limit need to be raised to accommodate receiving more transfers?

Why should the kid commit to 3 to 4 years if the coach can yank a scholarship? What is good for the goose…

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Where did I say he should?


Uh. That’s not saying a player should commit 3-4 years if a scholie isn’t guaranteed for 4. It’s an observation about what once happened & is not going to continue.

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And one solution would be to guarantee a four year scholarship. It might help. Couldn’t hurt.