Enjoyed the win, now for the rest of the story............

…I am not trying to be a Debby Downer but I wanted to get this shot in before fans started talking about who we might play in the BCS playoff. First, to establish my credibility as a fan, I think there is a good chance we will be undefeated when we play Bama and I feel there is a good chance we will supplant the TCU win as CBB’s greatest at Arkansas by beating Bama with the whole world watching. But (of course there is a but since we don’t live in a fantasy world) this team is too thin in the secondary,too young in the O-line, too shaky in the kicking game, and the rest of the schedule is too good not to expect 2-3 losses along the way. Now after a bunch of you get all irate about this “dose of realism thrown into your face” just back up and look at yourself complaining because someone thinks we might go 9-3 this season! Do you see how ridiculous that is? We could lose four in a row after Texas State and still have a great season.

We had a great win against a ranked team on the road. Enjoy it, move on, and support this team through thick and thin because there are going to be multiple thin spots during the rest of the season. Now when we take this great season and go get lots of SEC quality cornerbacks, a kicker who can put it in the end zone consistently, some head hunters who can cover kickoffs and punts, some more great linemen, linebackers, running backs, tight ends, receivers, etc. THEN we can talk about who we might play in the BCS Playoff. JMVHO.

That’s logical points you make, but what if we are a little better than most of us give credit for and I include myself - we beat a very good TCU team. I believe that a lot hinges on the A&M game - IMO they are not too far off of Bama when it comes to the overall level of 4-5 star talent. If we beat TAM and come out relatively injury free to key positions, I think we stand a good chance against the tide

I agree with all of that, think we will beat Bama, and just don’t want us all to go crazy when we do because we could lose 2-3 of the rest of the games, (particularly if there are injuries in the secondary and there are always injuries), and I know how we Hog fans can turn wild expectations into condemnation when they don’t get fulfilled. That 's all I am doing here.

Thanks for the dose of reality. If anyone has been looking at the TCU blogs, their fans are complaining about their DBs. They say the DBs can’t cover and there has been a total lack of recruitment of big time DBs. Sound familiar. We really exposed that fact in the last 2 minutes. Looking forward to a big victory against Texas State. WPS.

TCU’s main weakness is pass coverage. Arkansas’s main weakness seems to be at safety, not cornerback.

I don’t disagree with anything you say. I just haven’t seen anyone making reservations for the playoff game yet.

I had us at 6-6 before the season, with the TCU game as one of the losses. I would therefore change my pick to 7-5 (not changing it to 12-0!)

I don’t think we know that yet. Let’s see how TCU fares the next month. We may have just beat a team that beat SD State and might not be a reflection of last year’s TCU.

TCU is going to win a bunch of games, but it remains to be seen if they are going to be Big 12 champs. I do think the Frogs are as good as any Big 12 team I’ve seen to date.

You just don’t like Texas, do you.

Are you just now figuring that out? :smiley:

BTW, I don’t like 'em myself. [attachment=0]unhookem.gif[/attachment]

Hope TCU wins big 12 why???

Cause it makes our win all the better

Now on to the big boy league


We are set up for a big big game on a big stage in PRIME TIME…that in itself says something …how do we respond? That joint will be jumping after a full day of tailgating

I imagine that BB has a few teams he’d like to get his first WIN against and one of them is the Aggies

Get that one and who knows where we are headed …Sept has the potential to be the catalyst for a very special season

Remember: 1-0

First beat Texas State, then worry about aTm.

I want to take this opportunity to take back all the bad things I said about Pulley last week. I was apparently an idiot. He played brilliantly. I don’t know if the light just went on for him or that the coaches jerked the tarp off our real secondary schemes (which I think is very much the case) or a combination of the two. At any rate, a CB with that size and power and speed and who know what he’s doing is a pearl beyond price. Good job, Ryan. Keep it up.

He did well against the big receiver Taj Williams. There will be some faster receivers this season. Hope he can keep it up.

As I look at the schedule and try to figure out revised expectations, I keep coming back to the same thing as when I looked at the schedule at the first of the year - I wish our off week was earlier. I would feel much better about our chances if the off week was one or even two weeks earlier. I just don’t see how we get thru bama OM and Aub without running out of gas.

We all enjoyed the win, but now I want to see us shutout Texas St and see our #2’s get playing time and continue to dominate the game. We have a tough road ahead but we have side stepped the usual slow start and have played ourselves into the top 25, now is no time for a let up I’m by know means taking Texas St lightly but we should control the game from start to finish or kiss the ranking good bye. WPS

Any self respecting Arkansan has a huge chip on their shoulder when it comes to Texass…

Bums…tea sippers…

I haven’t seen anyone suddenly start predicting a 12-0 season and a playoff spot. I think most of us are excited about a win most of us thought would be a loss, especially after the LaTech game. However, I also think it’s now reasonable for us to think in terms of 9 or maybe even 10 wins in the course of the season. I certainly think that’s quite possible even though I know there are still 8 teams left on our schedule capable of beating us. A couple of 'em are likely to.

As Yogi said, “predictions are hard, especially about the future.” We all know injuries could still kill us, that we still have some weaknesses, and that all our opponents have SEC caliber players on scholarship. I, for one, happen to think we’re a bit better than most gave us credit for being in August & a lot better than what we thought last week. We could be wrong, but we’ll see.

I thought 9 or 10 was reasonable (difficult, to be sure, but not out of the realm of possibility) even before the TCU game. Of course, if you win 10 you probably are beating TCU anyway.

Still thrilled about the TCU game, but I understand that we’re two plays away from being 0-2: Skipper’s FG block and if the LA Tech LB is six inches further back, he tips the pass away from Sprinkle.
All that said, I’d be a happy Hawg with an eight win season, considering all the guys we’ve had to replace…