English soccer game postponed due to protest

There are fans all over who don’t like the owner of their team. But they don’t protest like what is happening with the EPL. It takes something like a Super League to bring it to a boil. You are spot on that Fulham not being involved with the Super League venture has spared their ownership of the protests of this magnitude.

I guess US citizen makes him one of ours in this context in comparison to the stuff in Premier League. I did not know his background.

You are severely discounting the massive material support provided to the Brits before our entry into the war by the Lend-Lease program. The convoys of Merchant Marine ships provided much-needed military equipment at great risk. There were also the Eagle Squadrons, composed of American flyers in the RAF, also before our entry into the war. Although not a game-changer, they were an inspiration, at least to British composer Henry Alford, who wrote a march to honor them. Check it out by searching Eagle Squadron on YouTube Music. I recommend a Royal Marine Band for authenticity or The President’s Own. :grinning:

I’m a history buff; one class short of a history minor at UA. My last UA class was military history. I’m very familiar with Lend Lease and all of that. But it’s also ridiculous to suggest that British soccer fans should take it easy on American owners who they view as screwing up their sport because of things that happened 75-80 years ago.


I doubt if NFL fans would want a European to buy a NFL team and change several big things. To the soccer guys, our American view is incorrect.

That is very true. And it is not just in sports. I don’t like American companies being owned by Europeans. I don’t even like the International Division of an American company reporting into someone in Europe. It is just culturally different.

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