Energy Bus

So I purchased a copy of the book after hearing so much about it on Whole Hog Sports. It is an easy read. I can see it making a very positive impact - if taken to heart. I encourage all of you to read it. If we all took it to heart, this forum could be even more fun.

While I agree to a certain extent, I think this board is the most civil of all of them. You don’t see people using profanity on a regular basis like you do elsewhere.

I certainly agree. I have been on several boards starting with the old KARK board and moving on to the Pigpen and others. As one who lives far away, I get my Razorback news and discussion almost entirely from the internet.

I settled in to this place because it has the best content and the highest level of civility to be found. Having said that, I still read lots of negative posts and fighting amongst the posters. We have our share of “energy vampires “ here. I love a good disagreement and a lively discussion with those who see things differently. I don’t have time for personal attacks - even if they are couched in more polite language.

Maybe my point is that reading the book will make for some happier people on this bus and less police work for the admins.

THe Bible is best book ever to impact ang change lives. Read the book of John and come to your own conclusions

Having taught the book of John several times, I certainly won’t argue. I bought and read The Energy Bus because it was mentioned several times here. I read it because of my interest in all things Razorback and interested in how Chad Morris is influencing the team. I thought it was a good read and positive for anyone to read. I will hang onto my Bible as well.


Ok, guys, rule 9: No religion or politics. This isn’t the place.