End Zone view of game ending interception

When I saw the final play from the stands, I only saw the end of the play and wondered what Austin was looking at.

From this view, it is easier to see and it had to look like he had put it in a good place when he released it. #23 from A&M jetted in from the left of the screen and made a tremendous play.

Not trying to absolve anyone - a turnover is a turnover; just giving credit where credit is due. Heck of a play by the Aggie. And not nearly as bad a throw as it looked like - to me, and probably most everyone else - by Austin.


Yeah he was a hair late with it and Armani Watts is indeed a baller…

The game should have never went to overtime! Just another way to lead until the 4 th quarter and get beat.

While it was a great defensive play, it appears the Aggies’ 24 was pushing O’Grady. Granted it may have looked differently from a different view. He may not have pushed and may not have held–again, we’re kind of blocked out, but I would say there was enough there to wonder why a flag didn’t show up there. That said, we’ve got to take the outcome out of the officials’ hands.

Held ogrady

From that view it was an outstanding play. To come from behind & around O’Grady to make the int.
Otherwise O’Grady has a shot to make the catch.
I couldn’t tell if he was held before that though. But the 3rd down PI call on Curl down there sure was iffy at best.

I don’t blame the officials for the loss. We didn’t play well enough or make the necessary play to win. However, to make that call against Curl in OT on such a critical play, but overlook a potential hold on O’Grady sure doesn’t sit too well. The guy who made the interception made a great play, but the other DB sure looked like he got away with his hands being all over O’Grady.