End the tenure of CMA

Enough is more than enough…
It’s not gonna happen…
Cut our losses…
End it after the last game of this season in the SEC Tournament…
Nice man, average coach at best…one Big Dance in 6 seasons?
Are you kidding me?

I take it back…I misspoke…
CMA is something less than an average coach…
I am soo disappointed because I hailed his hiring in Spring 2011…
We ALL thought he was Nolan Junior and we were dead wrong…
So was ADJL…now he can start all over again…

^ This guy disappeared fast. I guess he didn’t have a taste for crow tonight.

We all jump the gun too soon sometimes, but if you’re going to show up to tell everyone how bad a coach, at least give him a compliment and congratulate him on a win.

Your firing of CMA is premature. True only one tourney during his tenure; but with his upcoming recruits, he resurrected himself to at least two more years more likely three. What happens this year is going to be of little consideration. He is going to get the opportunity to see if he can coach and win with quality talent. It’s only fair to do so.

It would do wonders if Kingsley wasn’t being out-rebounded by the freaking Point Guard.

I understand the argument on both sides but truth be told Moses has been unimaginably horrific the past 4 games as compared to last season.

He and he alone is the difference between us having a 20 win total as of today.

If my current favorite Razorback player hit’s his early season average we can defeat top 25 teams. When he only musters 3-5 rbs in 29 minutes of play WE STRUGGLE

What is funny to me, that there are certain posters who only show up when times are bad, when we win they disappear. Now, last night we won and they’ve disappeared, but we have others that are coming out of the woodwork that weren’t here when we were losing, they only post when we win. Very few on here comment no matter what. If you’re a fan, you’re a fan win or lose. Wish some on here would realize that.

I don’t think that is entirely fair. He did have 5 block shots last night, and 3 of those were on Reath at point blank range. That is significant.

It is true he only had 5 rebounds, but he did do a good job of back tapping rebounds to the three guards on the outside of the zone.

Moses is not Portis, Oliver Miller or Joe Kleine, but he is still a solid college center.

I don’t understand it, I wouldn’t even feel good if they won a national title knowing the only time I rooted for them when they were winning, that’s the fun part of being a fan, supporting your team no matter what, and being there during the good times and bad.

And I don’t know who’s worse, the agenda fans that don’t like CMA, so they only show up during losses to tell you how bad of a coach he is, or the bandwagon fans that only show up during the good times. Both get no respect from me.

Yea, a lot of people still don’t realize Kingsley’s game. Last year he had to do a lot by default because there wasn’t many options. I was watching the SECN last night and Antoine Walker commented on Kingsley and said he wish Arkansas would start establishing and setting Kingsley up more. Dane Bradshaw explained to him, that Kingsley is not a back to the basket type of player, he’s a guy that’s going to run the floor get fast break points, and puts back, and can post him up sometimes. To me, on this team, if Moses averages 12 and 8 with 2-3 blocks when the season ends, he would have done his job.

I was watching the game just now, and noticed something I didn’t last night. When we cut the lead to 42-40, LSU called a timeout. Dustin Thomas ran off the floor, while Hannahs and Macon were telling everyone else good job. Dusty spun around said something to Thomas who went back out and congratulated the other guys. Manny ran out, grabbed Moses and was talking to him as they were going back to the huddle. Both Thomas and Moses seemed a little more “in the game” after that. Maybe the two SR’s finally took charge?

I don’t post a whole lot when we lose because I don’t want to write something out of frustration that I’ll have to walk back later. But I do post some. I don’t think those that post only in victories as not being true fans or being bandwagon folks. I know there may be some like that, but some people live by the old rule that if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. I think, in the long run, that’s not a bad rule to live by. Others let their frustrations show, and that’s their business. We are who we are.

I don’t disagree with you, but you said, “I do post some.” There are some that don’t post at all unless we are losing or we are winning. It’s hard to say they’re doing the same thing you are, honestly I think some are the sock puppets of the others.

I agree, sometimes if you don’t have anything positive to say it’s best not to say anything at all. But, there’s a difference in those that think like that and those that only care/post when the team is winning. For example I have a friend, hardly ever talks about razorback basketball he’s more of a football fan. But, if we go on a winning streak or people start talking about the basketball team, then he will try to act like a know it all about the basketball team and act like he’s a big fan, when I know he hasn’t even watched most of the games. To me that’s a bandwagon fan.

You mean Swine Fusion :smiley: J/K Swine

I’ve watched Hogs basketball since before the Triplets of 1977-78. I held season tickets to Fort Smith Northside games when Ron Brewer was there; watched him at Westark CC, then, of course, at the UofA, where he, Moncrief and Delph put Arkansas basketball on the map. Hated to see Sutton go, but was 100% behind Nolan Richardson on Day 1. Been a lot of ups and downs through the years. It’s been hard to go through the last two decades, but I’ve always longed for “the good ol’ days” to return. I wonder sometimes what CMA is doing, but getting rid of him to me is not the answer. That’s just me. Don’t know that anyone else cares, but stability means a lot to me.


Not that I have to justify myself to you, but I’ve watched every game that my work schedule permitted, including five in BWA, and some that it didn’t (WatchESPN at the office is a pretty good deal IMO). Do I always post afterward? No, because I spare myself reading the bottomless pit of negativity from the people who come out of the woodwork when we lose (or when they think we’re going to lose). Like OP.