End of this MLB season

You have three teams in 2019 that are head and shoulders above everyone else so far. One of those (at least) isn’t going to make the World Series. And there could be four or five teams win 100 games, which has never happened.

The Dodgers and Yankees are on pace to win 106.6 (yes, I know, but there’s a reason I included the decimal). Astros are on pace to win 105.6. Yet it would surprise very few people if the team with the eventual best record plays in the Juice Box, especially after they added Greinke. The Twins are on pace to win 99.6, rounded up to 100. Only seven times (including 2017 and 2018) have there been three 100-win teams in MLB. Now we are likely going to have three, easily could have four, and five is not impossible; Cleveland would get there if they finish 32-16, and they might not even win the division if they do.

And only in 1909 and 1942 did a team win as many as 104 games and not have the best record in MLB (neither one made the World Series because they were second in their league, which tells you something about the rest of the NL those years; those teams were the Cubs and the Dodgers).

One more oddity. Only twice in MLB history has a team won 100 games three years in a row: The A’s in 1929-30-31, and the Braves in 97-98-99. Houston is on pace to join them. You would think the Yankees would have done it at some point, but no. Three out of four, yes (36, 37 and 39; 77, 78 and 80). The Cubs did it four out of five years in the Tinker to Evers to Chance era, but not three in a row.

Why so many 100-win teams lately? I can only guess it’s because a few teams took a page out of Houston’s playbook and creatively tanked, and there have been some quality teams who took advantage.

Watch out for someone to get hot. That’s what has changed, a wild card team can get hot and be a factor. The one I am watching is the Mets. There are a couple of pitchers there who could dominate in a series. They aren’t as deep as the three teams you mentioned, but they would scare me with how they are playing right now. Might not sustain it against the better teams. Schedule can contribute to a winning streak.

That 100+ pace almost always, with almost being the key word here :sunglasses:
…slows in September unless a tight Division race is ongoing which is not the case

But could easily be 2 of the three…Mets will fade Clay, that’s why they are the Mets :sunglasses:

I haven’t looked to verify, but someone was writing online the other day that Houston’s September schedule is very easy. A quick glance shows a lot of games against their division, a trip to Kansas City which is not good this year, and a two-game interleague set with Milwaukee.

There’s an incentive to get the best record, obviously. The Astros don’t want to be playing Game 7 of the ALCS in the Bronx, and the Yanks don’t want to be playing it in Houston. And I believe the best overall record gets home field in the Series.

And, the Mets are not fading yet. They are red hot.

9-1 in their last 10 qualifies, I’d say. Only other team that went 9-1? Houston. Which is winning big again tonight.

Astros now have the best record in MLB at 77-40, assuming they hold on to this 9-1 lead in Baltimore.

Edit: I think they’re going to manage it. 'Stros hit a grand slam with two outs in the seventh, their fifth dinger of the night. That made the score 20-1. That’s 20 runs after 20 outs. Wound up with 6 dingers (three by their rookie DH, who drove in 7 runs) and 23 runs – even though they hit into three double plays, one of which resulted in a run. Houston had 50 ABs and 25 hits. That’s a .500 average. Not bad. The 23 runs are a franchise record for a team that’s been around since 1962, and 25 hits tied the franchise record. Granted, the Orioles are barely a major league team at this point (at this rate Blaine Knight may be in their rotation by Labor Day).

Mets have won 14 of 15.

Wish the Cardinals could fade like that.

Will FADE, no Wildcard :sunglasses:

The Orioles, who had the best record in baseball over a 25 year period, from the late 60’s to the early 80’s, won 109 in 1969, 108 in 1970, and 101 in 1971. Only won the World Series once in those 3 seasons, but they also won the Series in 1966.

Correct, somehow I missed them and that was the heyday of the Brooks/Frank Robinson era.

Speaking of the Orioles they scored three in the bottom of the ninth to beat Houston today and end the Stros’ seven game win streak.

https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/273 … ow-october

as a Yankees fan i’ve been amazed as how well that they have done with the number of injuries that have occurred.they have never been at full strength since spring training and some of the replacements have earned the right to stay at the major league level next year…but i’m also a realist…the starting rotation is shaky at best and the bullpen may be overused by the post season.the Astros have the best starting pitching and are as strong as the Yankees man to man(starting line ups)the depth may be more suspect .in the NL…it looks like the Dodgers to lose…but Atlanta may surprise many…and Washington and the Mets are making a run

Cardinals back in first, Mets appear to be fading :wink:

Until the Cubs play at home again, then they’ll drop back down

That’s been the pattern…but Cards on the road too now.
Wacha tonight…WACHA OUT! :sunglasses: