End of the line for Juan Day?

Not among the 105. I suppose he could transfer down and be immediately eligible, but he better move fast.

I’m told he likes it at Arkansas and I do know that he has a girl friend on campus. If he’s “not up to speed” yet with his knees, I don’t think it matters where he goes to try to play. He won’t be up to speed there. Two ACL surgeries is a tough deal to overcome. It’s as much mental as physical. I don’t think anyone wants him to leave. And, he may still work himself into what he needs to be.

That was my concern after the second knee injury. I was doubtful that he would ever play again. I was shocked that he came back as quickly as he did and got carries last year. I’m guessing that if anyone would ever be qualified for a 6th year of eligibility, it would be J. Day. Perhaps that’s the plan. Just keep bringing him along slowly and maybe will be back to full speed with a year or two of eligibility left.

I hope he is able to play someday if that is what he wants, but I expect sometime soon he will be put on medical hardship. At least the way it used to be, if that happens, he doesn’t count against the 85 limit, can’t ever play for us again, but keeps his scholarship.

I agree with Greg,
I feel Arkansas is obligated to do their very best to get a SA (student- athlete) a college degree. They certainly aren’t obligated for SAs to have playing time.

You won’t find too many better kids than Juan. If he doesn’t make it back on the field, he might have a chance to stay within the football program if that’s something he would like to pursue.

People usually will go the extra mile for a young man like him.

Richard is correct on Juan. I heard him speak last winter at an Athletes In Action event. Very impressive.