End of the game free throw shooting

Haven’t seen anything posted about the in bound execution at the end of the game when Texas St. had to foul. We in bounded the ball every time to I.Joe and he did not miss at the line. Believe he was like 1 for 6 from the field but was 7 of 8 from the line. Knowing who to go to and being able to do it means a lot. We got that right.

Dan had a good night on the FT line. 9 out of 14. He’s improving as the season progresses.

We hit 70% from the line. And excellent in the last 2 minutes.

The Hogs were fortunate to get 19 more free throws than TS.

I watched the game last night. My little girl had Pee wee basketball games yesterday.
I listened to parts of the game.
After watching the game it was hard to watch.
Free throws were a bright spot. There were some spurts where there the flow of the game was in the hogs favor. The unforced turnovers and trying to force the ball to the free throw line and trying to hit the few cuts caused a lot of TO’s.
The hogs weren’t able to finish at the rim there were a lot of missed gummies right at the hole and even a few dunks. The backboard could be their friend if they would use it at times. Or instead of trying to dunk and slam the ball off the back of the rim just lay it in.
On defense they got lost and left shooters open to take wide open 3’s and they buried them! D has to get better.

FT shooting was OK, but not great. It was much better than Tex State’s FT shooting, which is why we won. Really disappointed at how they seemed to beat us for every loose ball and the number of second and third chance shots we gave them. We could learn a lot from the bobbincats about effort and hustle. We better bring that kind of effort every night when we get into conference play.

That’s what bothers me,
Where is that AR team we saw very early in the season. Made some mistakes but,
On defense, just kept hustling scrappy, energetic,
On offense same thing, good movement without the ball, few turnovers, better shots

Yea OK we came down a notch got sloppy & got beat at home by WKU as expected, but we have stayed in that funk.

However they don’t give up & in it till the end every game.
SEC road games, we will find out if they get rattled easily & fall apart.

Fortunate? Do you mean Texas State got hosed by the refs?