End of Season Recruiting

Richard…How do you feel about our chances of landing Brandon Martin or Thomas Johnston. Calloway looks like he is leaning our way. Have you heard of any surprises?

I’ve said I’m cautiously optimistic about Martin.

The last LB spot is between Kyrei Fisher and Johnston. The first one that hops on is the guy. I would expect it to be Fisher since Thomas has visits planned for Jan.

Still feel very good about Chevin. I also like Arkansas’ chances with Javier Edwards.

I guess you never rule out surprises down the stretch.

Thanks for the update! I hope you are right. We need the CB and LB help for sure.

I know we have the big 3 coming in on the OL, which is much needed for next year or development. I don’t ever hear much from Heinrich from last years class. How is he coming along?

Told Jake has been going against Ledbetter while on the scout team and is looking forward to getting a shot in the spring.

J’marrik woods Twitter page is a sea of red, #WPS!