End 2: Arkansas 2, Ole Miss 0, softball

Hogs got a 2-run infield single by Tori Cooper in the bottom of the second.

Autumn Storms has faced the minimum through two innings thanks to a caught-stealing in the first.

Ole Miss got a run back in the third. Nothing since. Mary Haff replaced Storms in the circle in the fourth inning. Hogs just got their third hit to lead off the bottom of the 5th.

Four runs in the fifth on three singles, a double, an error and a sac fly.

I watched some of the game Saturday. One of the players was called a “designated player” rather than a “designated hitter.” Is there a reason for the difference in nomenclature. Does this player have a different role besides hitting?

Another question. Why do some hitters run to the pitch to swing at the ball? One never sees this in baseball & it just looks strange to me. I suppose it has somethig to do with a much smaller field & needing less power to get a long ball, but it might be something else altogether. What’s the theory behind this method of hitting?

Designated player, as I understand it, is similar to the DH, except that she can also function as a temporary defensive replacement one time per game; the defensive player substituted by the DP can return to the game.

Actually, there is something similar to the run-to-the-pitch technique in baseball: The drag bunt by a left-handed hitter. In both cases, the hitter is not really interested in power. They want (a) placement of their hit and (b) to get out of the box faster toward first base. Usually it seems that the women using that technique (who will also be left-handed) tend to slap the ball trying to get it into the hole between third base and shortstop, while drag bunters tend to bunt it toward the first baseman and hope they can beat him or the pitcher to first base.

Now tied for fifth in the league at 12-9. Regular season ends next weekend; the women, like DVH’s men, will be in Baton Rouge.

Yep, good morning, good afternoon, goodnight Ole Miss. 37 wins is a school record. This team may make some noise in the postseason.