End 1st period: Hogs 0, Hope College 0

In the ACHA club hockey Division 3 national championship game at Grand Rapids, MI.

Hope College is the Flying Dutchmen, by the way; school was founded by Dutch immigrants to Michigan in 1866

Final score: Hope 3, Hogs 0. Hope got two goals in the second period, one in the third.

I had never heard of Hope College until today. I was watching the ID channel and they showed the tragic story of a Hope coed who was murdered in 1979. How ironic that they would be our opponent tonight?

Hope College is the flagship college of the Reform Church in America or RCA. The RCA is one of two denominations that are commonly referred to as Dutch Reformed. The sister denomination of the RCA is the Christian Reformed Church or CRC. CRC is also referred to as Dutch Reformed. The flagship college of the CRC is Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Wow. Reformed hockey players. The true frozen chosen.


LOL! Well done Pavlov.

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