Emotion in Football - Ark v Auburn

Danny Sheridan made the point about how he uses that in his predictions and what an important thing it is. I agree. I use to bet college football for fun. Never anything serious and never The Hogs. I would look for games like ours coming after the Hogs gave it all and won while Auburn was doing nothing but getting but getting ready for The Hogs. They have it all going into the game. The system use to work pretty well for me if the teams were relatively equal. Auburn is also at home and that means plenty as well. You always give the home team 3 pts. more than the real line. That means, it was thought Auburn was 6 pts better than The Hogs. Now, the thing you must never forget is that the lines are to get equal money on either side. They make the $ on the Juice.

Now, what does all that mean? It means they have all the advantages it would seem going into the game. They also have better (more stars - just like ole miss) players. Of course, they are better paid.

I really believe The Hogs are far better coached. For some reason, Coach B has been very good at overcoming these sort of things in conference (not so much with “rent-a-wins”). Can he overcome all of this. I hope so. It is going to be very difficult. We will need things to go our way early for sure.

One other thing on this. OH wrote several times that you could only reach that magic level 2, perhaps 3 times during the season. That was mostly in a 10 game season. Still, the point is there is only so much water in the well and when it is dry, it is dry.

I am going to bet very interested to see how The Hogs play Saturday Night. I fear a real buz-saw. How will they handle it? We are talking about 19 - 22 yr. old boys here. Still, I think they will play pretty well and hard. Will it be enough? We will know late Saturday night.

Good points Jim. One of the criticisms I had of Danny Ford was that he didn’t appear to be a rah rah guy. When HDN took over I was estathic about the emotions he displayed and his ability to “fire up” the team. Since then I’ve come around to the position that CBB approach is best for the long run. Of coarse I’ll admit that I’ll usually find a way to support whoever is coach. But Gus certainly has many reasons (in his mind) to put a licking on our Hogs so he’ll probably have his guys fired up.

Hopefully the elevators work for our coaches at AU Saturday night.

My observation is emotion will carry you for the first quarter after that its simply talent and execution

emotion later in the game tends to be that “Momentum” thing that happens or its an event that triggers great emotion later in the game - like a prejudice Call by a Zebra, a dirty hit or act, or One of your folks creates an exceptional play that will motivates your team to dig a little deeper in a series or play

Don’t you just love College Football - Its pure Americana competitive drama

Yep. Pure Americana. I totally enjoy watching in the comfort of our
den. BUT, nothing can convey the electricity and emotions of being
in the stadium.

I hope we beat this team that historically has exhibited a
cheating culture.

The game at Auburn will tell us a lot about our Hogs maturation. As Jim observed, can the Hogs “get up” again this week – two weeks in a row. Auburn is rested and playing at home. While there’s been a lot said about their defense (ranked 11th nationally in scoring defense) their offense is led by an experienced QB who leads the SEC in completion percentage and presides over the nation’s #12 rushing defense. And importantly, our D will be stressed out of the chute as the Hogs will be playing with only 2 safeties for the first half, while one of our LBs will be starting for the first time on the road.

The odds are stacked against the Hogs. Still, I’m encouraged by the play of the Hog defense in the second half with Ole Miss and I’m really impressed with the Hogs 4th quarter performances this season, when we’ve kept games close.

Here’s to hoping we can keep the game close at the half; I’m thinking that would bode well for the Hogs.

Great posts.

This is a big game for the Hogs and CBB. The winner of this game has the chance to get on a roll. We need some explosive plays and solid defense.

Go Hogs!!!