Emoni Bates

What the heck is going on here? I don’t understand the recruiting game anymore at all. How is possible for there to be no chatter of disgruntled players/recruits with such a fast spinning revolving door with our scholarship offers. I mean even in the pros where it’s all business and nothing is guaranteed sometimes players get bitter when they are pushed out/ traded/ waived to make room for new faces.

Do y’all hope we land Emoni Bates? Man if Jaylin comes back his loyalty would mean soo much in todays college basketball climate

Curious how we could sign anyone at this point. Right now we are at the scholly limit. If Jaylin comes back (and I sure hope he does) we are 1 over. How will that be worked out? All we have left would be Devo Davis, Kamani Johnson, and Jaxon Robinson. Is one of those leaving? Or is one of our prized recruits or transfers going to take the hit and become a redshirt or walk-on? Is that even possible?

Yep that’s the question. I’m so curious if all our players and recruits know the answer to that or if they are wondering the same thing. I’m assuming Emoni Bates ain’t lying about being contacted by muss. He’s a great player and I wouldn’t blame muss for wanting him. And I’m super intrigued how this is managed behind the scenes to keep everyone together confident and supportive of the coach and the Razorback program… when there’s obviously not room on the ship for everyone. Perhaps it’s as simple as all the recruiting and communication with prospects at this point is done with only a qualified offer of IF anyone unexcpextedly decides to leave we would love to offer you a spot. I kind of suspect it’s more complicated than that tho

Muss contacts everyone. Partly as a smokescreen so nobody knows who we really want. And partly to screen and eliminate those who aren’t going to fit (like if they want to be handed a starting position right off the bat).

Since AB signed, we know somebody has to leave; that’s 14 on scholarship. Is it Jaxson? Is it JWill? Is it one of the new transfers (or more)? Is is somebody else? Nobody knows yet. Muss may not know yet until JWill is through with the NBA evaluation.

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Concur Muss has already owned this. I know not what’s happening (not an insider fer sure). But can’t argue with Muss has accomplished and the way he conducts his business

Well, if not a walk-on, redshirts count against the scholarship limit. Some have suggested that the NIL could be plenty for a player to pay his own way, especially if expecting a scholarship next year. Others have suggested that the twins won’t come now that we have other bigs. Who knows?

Pretty sure the Twins will be here next year.

Hope so. They both provide athletic length for the frontcourt. I’m not that confident that JWill will be at Arkansas next season.

I agree with you as of now, but to quote RD “It’s a fluid situation”


Me either. I think Muss knows already what JWill is going to do.

Muss asking an Arkansan to leave would be a huge mistake. Asking Devo or JWill to leave is unthinkable.

I guess he asked Conner to leave

I think it’s time to quit passing on rumors and wait for Muss to tell us what is really going on. You guys act like Muss is the bad guy with all your innuendos.

I agree. Muss is not the bad guy and there is absolutely no proof he has asked anyone to leave. Rumors only!

We hired Muss to win basketball games. So far, his job performance has clearly exceeded expectations. I think that he is an ethical man and that he plays by the rules. He is an aggressive recruiter who gets results. College basketball is a highly competitive business. Like life and business, the most successful operations have the best people. People are replaced all the time in the real world. Professional teams change rosters regularly. Despite the NCAA’s stubborn insistence, major college sports (football and basketball) are not amateur contests.

I personally wish that all the Razorback Basketball players can stay and play for the Hogs. If it works out this way, that will be great. But this problem will repeat itself many times and unless the rules change, there will be players cut by their teams. As long as scores are kept and standings are published, this is the new normal.

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