Emoji request

I use a chat app on my job called Slack and one of the emojis there is a pig jumping up and down in glee. It occurred to me that this one would be particularly appropriate here if we can get it added.

I tried typing in the commands used for that one here and it didn’t work.


Which is :pig-happy-jumping:

Maybe it only works on that app.

Maybe so, but I figure it might be adaptable to other apps. Worth a try anyway

Is this close?

That would be it, yes

Looks like me after whipping the shorthorns last year.

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Yep. Or the Rebnecks this year

Maybe Matt can get it added unless someone knows how to do it.

There was a way to add emoticons/emojis to the old Hawgs Illustrated board. I added them. I don’t think emojis on this board can be edited/added. I have saved the old ones to a folder on my desktop so I can insert them when I wish.





Need a color change 11 months a year. Color’s good during breast cancer awareness month.

Good idea.

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