Emmitt G

Just saw on twitter where he said something like “Great talking to Coach Chavis today”…

Man…the prospect that just keeps hanging around. Hope we get him…especially now that we lost Wilson!

RD, I read elsewhere that we want Gooden to sign with us Wednesday. Can you confirm?

He said Chavis wants him to be a Hog.


No idea what the end result will be, but could be interesting.

After all the drama that has surrounded this one player nothing would surprise me!
I just hope he’s qualified to play if he commits and signs.

Gosh I hope so because we need a stud at the interior Dline.

What has Chavis said?? would be the more important part of that alleged conversation…I don’t think he’ll ever see the SEC, which is a shame as it appears he has some talent.

Here’s what I know, whenever Emmit claims he’s talked to Arkansas he has. I’ve checked it out. What was said yesterday I can only report what he tells me.

I understand, I’m not saying you are reporting more than what you’ve been told. Others are saying a different “gist” to the subject of the conversation.

FWIW, I doubt anything will come of this but I’ve seen crazier things.

He announced top three of Tennessee, West Virginia and Arkansas.

If that’s the big news coming today that is along way from being big news! Just more drama from the king of drama! He probably ends up at Tennessee if he has a commutable offer! He threw a dram campaign when they offered.
The way he takes about wanting to play with Sosa at Arkansas may still have an impact. Something isn’t right about this at all! He sure likes the hype!