Emmit Gooden visit

Went exceptionally well from what I’m hearing. I think Arkansas is in a very good place with him. He left about 10 this morning. I will try and get him on the phone.

A few more tidbits about Gooden’s visit.

  1. I think playing time is something that’s playing into Arkansas’ favor. He knows Bijhon Jackson is a senior and the opportunity is there to get on the field fast.

  2. I think him being a JC guy and knowing Bama’s depth is also a plus for the Hogs.

  3. McTelvin Agim was his host and he’s in his ear about being a Hog. As it’s been noted before, Sosa and Emmit got to know one another during the recruiting process in high school and that bond is still pretty strong.

  4. He was able to see much more of Arkansas vs. his last trip on April 29. I’m told that also helped.

  5. If I was a make a prediction, I would say he’s going to be a Hog, but we all know crazy recruiting is.