Emmit Gooden to.....

To Tennessee!

Just watched his presser and he was sitting next to Boyd.

Sosa’s statement about this

don’t talk down on fam for not coming here. can’t go somewhere you aren’t wanted🤷🏾‍♂️

Wow, we got some infighting on the defense over this. Hmmmm

Ouch :shock: :shock:

I have seen Gooden and Sosa communicating a lot over the past year or so (on twitter). Looks like they play online games together. Sosa made a lot of comments about wanting him to come to Arkansas. They seem to be pretty close.

It sure is an odd story and I doubt very much we will ever know what went on under the surface. If he can play at Tennessee, I wonder why he couldn’t play at Arkansas?

The old staff - at the end - and the new staff simply did not want him for some reason.

I know the old staff - when it found out he would not be an early enrollee - called him and told him he would not have a scholarship here.

But 30 minutes later, they called him back and told him that they would wait. And then changed their mind again.

As I am wont to do, I tried to tell you the story without actually being specific to the best of my ability.

I said that Emmit wanted to sign here and play here - if he was allowed to do so.

McTelvin wanted both Arkansas staffs to sign him.

That is what his tweet is referring to yesterday.

There is no in-fighting on the defense unless I am misunderstanding the use of the word in this thread.

Thanks for the information, Dudley.

Now that he is gone, do you have any insight into why they didn’t want him? He said The Chief wanted him.

What caused CBB to offer, back off, re-offer, etc.? Seems atypical. Was it ability, character, etc?

No a defensive player made a comment that he “played” AR since the beginning and was wrong for that. Both Sosa and Pulley had different opinions regarding the statement by the other player. Sosa’s listed above and Pulley straight telling the individual to delete his comment. As I said fighting each other.

The fighting between teammates is something that I pointed to in Bret’s lack of success last year. Snide comment towards each other, towards friends or girlfriends of other players and so on. When Bret first took over he was all over that type of behavior, he was not this past year, and I haven’t seen Morris pay attention yet. Can’t win with a bunch of “me” players. Need a team