Emmit Goode taking all five OV?

SEC country is reporting Emmit is visiting USC and will be taking all of his visits.

Just have to check in with him and see.

How do you feel about his commitment? And if he takes them is considered a decommit

If anybody takes other visits then I consider them a soft commit.

Here are Coach Bielema’s own words about the subject:

“We have a very, very detailed conversation about, if you’re gonna commit, this means we’re done. You’re not gonna go look at anybody else,” Bielema said last fall. “It’s kind of like you’re getting engaged. We’re not married yet; that happens in February. But you’re not going out on any other dates. You’re not gonna go have a cup of coffee with anybody else. You’re gonna stay with what we are.
“I basically just think that in our program, you have to have an allegiance to [us].”

The no-visit policy also came up last fall when running back commit Chase Hayden reportedly made plans to make an official visit to Michigan. Rather than make the trip and give up his spot in the Arkansas class, Hayden canceled on the Wolverines.
Also in the 2017 class, Bielema showed a willingness to make exceptions for special circumstances. Tight end signee Jeremy Patton officially visited Utah and Southern Cal in the fall of 2016 after he’d committed to the Hogs the previous summer.

The exception with Patton surely was seen by some as a result of him being a 4-star prospect and the No. 1 junior college tight end recruit in the country. Bielema’s decision with Ford seems to dispel that notion. It adds more legitimacy to the idea he was letting Patton and his family take some free trips. Unlike unofficial visits, official visits are paid for by the school.

“Sometimes when those issues arise, I’ll make an exception,” Bielema said. “Some of them, I’ll make an exception before they commit. Especially now that parents get to travel. They say, ‘Hey, I wanna take this visit, my parents don’t get to travel.’ So, there are some exceptions I’ve made, but for the most part, yeah, we say once you’re in, you’re in.”

Lots of guys the last few years have said they are going to take their visits after committing to us, go check as to how many actually did.

Thanks a ton!