Emmanuel Crawford

He is the Oklahoma Player of the year. He recently accepted a preferred walk on scholarship.

From a Tulsa World article:
“In 2022, Crawford had 230 carries for 2,304 yards and 36 touchdowns to help the Ridgerunners post a 12-1 record and reach the Class 5A semifinals. Crawford also caught 19 passes for 546 yards and seven TDs. He had 6,777 rushing yards during his Grove career.“

Yet, he has no :star: rating per 247Sports. How is this possible?!


If I am not mistaken, the last Ridgerunner of any kind to play at the UofA, was the great Almer Lee. No idea, why a guy with those kind of numbers has no stars, but I’ll take him in a heart beat!

I presume because he has no scholarship offers, I presume because ____________ (fill in the blank).

He is far more than just a PWO: The journey of Emmanuel Crawford: From child slave in Ghana to Ridgerunner standout in Grove


Really inspiring story, thanks for posting.

Heartwarming life history in the end. A blessing the young Mr. Crawford ended up in a loving home. The ugly, inhuman side of slavery is an affront to most people. I hope Emmanuel has a great experience as a Razorback and adds football success to the other gifts he brings to Fayetteville.

From this video, he isn’t the biggest guy…but he runs hard. And he doesn’t have “elite” speed…but he’s not slow.

Personally, he reminds me a great deal of Trelon Smith, who was an effective runner for us recently.

You can watch his highlight tape here.

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He is listed at 5’10” 175 lb on several websites.

He seems to find the hole and decisively run through it … and when there isn’t a hole, he slips through a crack.

Former Hog Coach Chris Vaughn’s son just complete a great career at KSU and he was about that size.

Maybe on weight, but Deuce is 5’5.

Maybe I am missing something, but wasn’t Lee from Fort Smith? Regardless, he was one exciting player. Seem to remember him attending games and being very much the master of fashion.

He was from Ft. Smith. However, before he arrived at the UofA, he spent a year playing for the Phillips County Community College Ridgeunners. He led the Runners to a conference championship and to the NJCAA Regional finals, where they lost a close one to Connors State.

Almer Lee & Jerry Jennings were Northside guys just ahead of me. 2 of the best high school BB players I ever saw on 1 team! Almer and I have talked over the years. Tom Poole class of 71 was a good BB guys, & then Boothead…

And at the end was the Old Gray Fox, as Nolan called him!!

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Almer Lee was a star on the hardwood floor during my last years on the Hill. He was huge in helping Arkansas get Brewer and Delph to strengthen the Razorbacks ascension in basketball on the national stage. I imagine he and coach Richardson had a special bond, coach Sutton certainly enjoyed a big assist from Almer Lee.

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Jerry came with Almer to Helena, but didn’t play much that year. They had a pretty loaded team. Almer was the star, but 6’8 Walter Scrubbs was a rebounding machine. He had one game where he had over 30 rebounds!