Emeka Obukwelu

Have any of the insiders seen this guy practice and if so does he look like he could help this team next year?

Good question, needs a bump. Been watching all his film and he seems to have the ability to do some things that no other big on the roster does well. Namely hit the 12-15ft jumper, he has a nice soft shot, and a very good looking jump hook that he shoots with either hand, and operates comfortably at the high post, seems to pass it well and understand what hes doing there. It will be interesting how a year off has impacted him, especially in the weight room.

Maybe, just maybe, we have a solid 4 right here under our noses.

I asked this question about a month ago, the response I received indicated NO

He played some in the red white game and honestly looked really bad. I dont see him ever really contributing here.

I’ll take a wait and see attitude instead of x-ing a guy out on one performance.

But he does not have a scholarship - he walked on - so I don’t ever expect a walk on to be a difference maker.

There have been walk ons that earned scholarships! I’m hoping he puts in the work and is able to play. 6’10" players are easy to find.

He’s 6-8.

Not saying he can’t contribute, just saying I don’t expect walk ons to be difference makers


Better question…how has Justice Hill looked?

Like a football player transitioning to basketball player

Thanks bro


I haven’t seen practice since he got here, but since Justice is a basketball player at heart and has been a full-time basketball player before and one for 3/4 of the last year, I doubt there was much of a transition except for conditioning.


Emeka had two points and three rebounds in 19 minutes in the Red-White game

Judging by one game, I guess this Gabe O dude is going to be a star since he had 20 points and 8 rebounds.

https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/wp-conte … -Stats.pdf

Where you there? Sometimes you can just tell skill level as you should know.

Take Holmes for example. We all like Holmes. But after watching him play you would very quickly realize he wouldn’t be able to play at a high D1 level. Was the same feel for this fella.

Of course I was there.

I’ve already said I don’t see him as a difference maker.

But I also never fully judge a player on just one look.

Doing that with Darren McFadden at Alma is a case in point.

I think anything is possible regardless how unlikely it is. Moses was raw and he made progress and was a difference maker. Let’s see what happens.