Emeka Obukwelu question??

Not your usual walk on, what’s the plan with him? Is he strictly here to be a body or do they have a plan to develop him for a bigger role? He looks a bit stiff with a really awkward shot, but shows a decent feel for the game, especially the high/low post game. Just curious…


Taking a chance on a walk on with some skills - one who averaged 19.4 points last season on the Division 3 level.

It’s a low risk, possible high return move.

How much time he gets is all up to him.

Is he eligible to play this year or does he have to sit out as a transfer?

He has to sit out this year.

Only if you transfer down do your not have to sit out.

Or you can apply for a hardship waiver and Auburn’s Mustapha Heron did. It was granted and he can play for St. John’s, which is closer to his ill mom.