Embery to Arkansas

Just announced.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … mits-hogs/

Big pickup.


I was sweating there for a minute. Huge pick-up for CMA and staff. Top 100 out of state player, can’t not like that.

Hoping for Phillips and Chaney next.

I was fixing to ask, if Dudley or Richard thought we’d have multiple commitments this weekend.

Dudley knows why I said what I said. Wish I could share why, but can’t.

One of the last 2 commits has to be a big. Thompson, Cook and Thomas graduate. The only guys left 6’8 and above would be Gafford, Ethan Henderson and Gabe Obsh who is a “tall 6’7”.


LeBlanc/Phillips are both 6’7 from what I’ve seen. Interesting I’ve seen both mentioned as able to play the four, and I’ve also seen both mentioned as having the ability to play on the perimeter. Chaney is listed as 6’8 and has drawn comparisons to Portis. If he’s in the ball park, paring him with Gafford has me excited.

Just got off the phone with him and his dad. Story up soon, but wanted to post some tidbits.

Keyshawn said he was pretty sure on Arkansas when he visited the first time during the summer, but solidified that decision on the second trip to Fayetteville.

Will obviously continue on working to get his buddy Josh LeBlanc to Arkansas as well.

Both lauded Arkansas assistant coach T.J. Cleveland - a big factor in his decision.

Tough decision to go to IMG and leave Midwest City, but knows it is best to get him to where he needs to be.

Chaney and LeBlanc are similar players, but Phillips is a different one.

Phillips will play both SG and SF.

Chaney will be a 4-5.

LeBlanc is a 4 working on his shot to also be able to play the 3.

Of course, position-less basketball is all the rage now.

A couple of things.

I always thought TJ was an elite recruiter, although others don’t share that. I just love the togetherness, integrity and personality (calm) of the entire staff.

Can you share with us if you are surprised with his silence after his OV and then his eventual commitment? Or did you know it all along?

WPS! Embery and Harris should be a smooth transition from Barford and Beard at PG.

WPS! I keep forgetting about Harris.

Good case here. Even if you don’t hear a lot from the visit, and this one was more quiet than usual, that doesn’t mean it was a bad visit.

Watched a whole bunch of highlights of Keyshawn for the first time. He is a perfect Mike Anderson type of guard, even how Anderson played in his days. This kid is mentally tough, nice handle, decent hop and love that step back hesitation move.

It took Mike a while, but now he is rolling out his type of guards, Macon, Barford, Harris, Embery…

His buddy LeBlanc will be an even better fit for the Anderson system and Josh knows that. He has said so in his tweets.

It will be. Interesting how LeBlanc, Chaney, Philips thing plays out, with just three scholarships to give out. They also like a couple of other guys. Wonder if Embery commit has any impact on Phillips. I hope not. I like what I see of Jordan.

Embery made Scout’s biggest breakout performers of the summer list put out today.

Here’s the article:

http://scout.com/college/basketball/rec … -107592102

It nice to have Mike Anderson getting it done on the recruiting trail. I just hope they play well as a team this year and beat Kentucky.

Embery, Nate Hinton (just committed to Houston) and Jericole Hellems are the players who impressed me most out of who they were linked to this summer, so this is a big get, especially if it leads to landing LeBlanc.

Really like Embery’s offensive aggressiveness. Dude knows how to get buckets and create looks for himself. He looks like a good athlete. And he can shoot it, which they really needed, because C.J. and Isaiah were the only 2 I’d consider really good shooters on next year’s roster.