Embery-Simpson finding touch in Arkansas' win streak (Story)...

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He is the one that has a the skill set to help the most… we need another shooter… would like to see him take the pull up when he gets by his man, still a bit timid but definitely getting better… big shots like last night, may be the confidence he needs…

I wrote a bit about it last night in my observations story, but Keyshawn was 4/25 from 3 in January. He’s already hit five 3s this month and they’ve all been big. I figured getting one of the bench guards going and knocking down shots would be critical in February.

His first basket last night, a mid range pull up jumper, is exactly what you are looking for. I agree he can do more of that. There was a reason he was Oklahoma Player of the Year as a junior. A legit 4 star. I think the injury prior to the season perhaps slowed him down. He maybe just getting past that.

The injury had to slow him down. He can shoot it. Driving the ball to the hole and getting block twice showed he isn’t scared to take it to the hole. His passing is coming along as well.
If he can continue to make shots off the bench it will be a huge lift. Desi needs to get going on offense. I don’t believe our freshmen lack confidence it’s experience they have been lacking.