Embery down to two, announcing soon

I personally believe they’ll just take three.


How are you guys feeling about Embery landing in Arkansas?

I was optimistic after hearing we’d have an in-home visit, but looks like Texas A&M also had one as well. And it was reported they spoke with other players on the Oklahoma Run PWP AAU team. Looks like this may be a real 50/50 situation.

I know his parents really like the distance to Fayetteville. I think that’s a big bonus.

I know his parents really like the distance to Fayetteville. I think that’s a big bonus.
[/quote]Not putting words in anyone’s mouths . . . but just thinking through this.

I can see where someone who lives in Oklahoma would prefer the commute to Fayetteville over one to College Station. On the other hand, for road games in the conference, Big 12 venues would be a lot closer - on average - than SEC road trips.

Just something to keep in mind.

But he’s down to two SEC schools and no Big 12 ones

No, they have three scholarships and want every underclassman left on the roster to stay

Awesome news if true. This kid can GO.



Yea looks like McPherson is pretty confident in him being a Hog.

The announcement today at noon via twitter. Let’s see if McPherson is right.

Still no word. Was it noon CST?


That is what I heard McPherson say on the radio on Thursday. Maybe he is having second thoughts.

Yea, I’ve seen them be a few minutes late before when they announce a time, but never over an hour late, and McPherson isn’t saying anything, could be trying to figure out what’s going on.

As of Thursday, I was feeling good about Arkansas’ chances. Not feeling so confident now.

What’s going on, they not responding or something?

The one thing that you should never do in the recruiting business is use the words guarantee or 100 percent.

Or say a recruit will knock your socks off. :sunglasses:

Haven’t reached out to them. Just hearing things that make me think he’s not coming.

It shows you have been at this a lot longer than McPherson.

His tweet from 3 hours ago is very interesting. When he announces, care to share anything that maybe related to the comment?