Embery down to two, announcing soon


Guessing it’s A&M.

Jermaine Simpson, his adoptive father and spring and summer coach, said Keyshawn will announce Sat.

Yea think he’s TA&M bound. Usually when they visit a school then shutdown recruitment and say they’ll make announcement it’s usually the latest school they’ve visited. Kevin McPherson has also said he had a source that’s been saying he’s TA&M bound.

Well that’s pretty simple. Just wait until Saturday

What surprised me is that Arkansas is one of the two finalists. Don’t know what to make of that.

Only 2 schools he has visited. He cancelled the Butler, WVU, and Arizona State visits.

So… I was looking on other boards and seeing if there was any more info on where Embery may be leaning. And found this info on another Arkansas board. This right here is exactly how bad information gets spread. This guy is so out of the loop it’s not even funny. He’s spreading the wrong info about Leblanc making a decision this weekend and is down to 2 schools. And didn’t even get the name right of the kid the staff did an in-home visit with. It was actually Jordan Phillips and not Kaden Archie.


Can’t have a “dramatic” announcement if there is only one school left.

Blu, it was said yesterday that LeBlanc will visit LSU, but he also said he was very close to a decision and his announcement can come very soon. It was retweeted by one of the recruiting guys, may have even been retweeted by McPherson. Saw it last night, not to long after the Embery news broke. When I first saw LeBlanc was going to visit LSU, that aTm may not be the leaders for him or Embery. Then a few minutes later, it was tweeted that LeBlanc said a decision was near, and could come soon. Changed my opinion that aTm will now get both.

Edit: It was McPherson (wasn’t a retweet) he said a lot of info pouring in and LeBlanc said a decision could come very soon.

RD posted late last night after the McPherson tweet, that he had spoken with LeBlanc and he said he plans to announce his decision on Nov. 12th (his birthday) and he was still visiting LSU.

November 12th could be what he was talking about when he said soon, that’s not that far away and he originally said he would announce later than that.

K, didn’t see RD’s tweet. Did CMA offer Phillips?

McPherson was saying on the radio that Phillips basically had a silent offer and they’d probably wait until the visit to make the offer official.

Also, here’s some very encouraging news about Embery. The fact that he’s seeing the Hog staff and his Dad already said he’s made his decision could mean he’s going to the Hogs or could mean Hogs are making a last chance effort to make him change his mind, either way getting that in-home visit is huge.


I agree with you, but offering Phillips kind of confuses me. Let’s say Embery and LeBlanc does commit. Are we still going after Phillips and Chaney (they’re friends and want to play together as well). Don’t get me wrong, toward the end of the summer I became a big fan of Phillips, but it would seem he would be the odd man out.

My best guess is they don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket. From the looks of things their top 4 targets are LeBlanc, Embery, Chaney, and Phillips. They may be comfortable getting any mix of 2 or 3 of those guys. You don’t want to slow play Phillips and then miss out on the others and then someone else steps in and starts recruiting Phillips harder and you lose him too.

And I still think LeBlanc is an LSU lean, if I was the staff I wouldn’t hold off on taking any commitments from other top targets waiting on him. If he ends up wanting to be a Hog and you already got all 3, you can always take that commitment then let things work out in the off-season and make room for him.

I’ll be equally happy with either Leblanc-Embery or Phillips-Chaney.

Embery just received a crystal ball pick in favor of Arkansas.

http://247sports.com/PlayerInstitution/ … redictions

From a KY guy, too. That’s interesting

Phillips may turn out to be the best of the bunch.

Multi-talented, versatile, position-less basketball guy with a high ceiling that fits the system.

I know they are really, really high on both visiting this weekend - as they are LeBlanc and Embery.

In your (actually you or RD) honest opinion, is it possible we get all 4? I know CMA said numbers always work themselves out.