Embattled Ramirez hopes to celebrate Senior Night win over home-state team (story)...

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I know he’s a lightning rod for fan criticism, but I love his passion. He’s not the best safety we’ve ever had, but he seems to be a stand-up guy and chose to play for Arkansas, so I hope fans give him a special send-off Saturday night.

If you can’t say something nice…
I am excited about his SR night!

Because a guy has not played well this year is not a reason to call him a loser.

And we all know that has happened on here with some, including those who regretted it afterwards.

Just say he hasn’t played well, which obviously he acknowledged himself.

Exactly Dudley, constructive criticism is so much more professional than resorting to derogatory name calling.
Anyway I hope Santos & the rest of the Sr’s have a great final game at RRS.

He’s been up and down. I thought he played well in some games this season. I thought he was good against Texas A&M and Tulsa. One thing is for certain, he must play well for this team to win Saturday night. There is no other option.

A win against LSU would put an undefinable glow on this
rather gut-wrenching season. A whiff of the Balm of Gilead.

He saved the Ole Miss game when he knocked the ball loose… that is what I choose to remember.

That’s my frustration with Santos. He flashes signs of being a very good to excellent safety, and then plays at a very low level. If he had no talent at all, was just too small or too slow, it would be different. But, like other players we’ve had in the past and will surely have again, he’s a teaser, with the breakthrough to star status never quite coming.

I hope he has a big game tomorrow night and that his last memories of playing in the stadium are good ones.

With all due respect to Santos, it was up to him to stop so many big plays as the last line of defense.
Especially this year. It can wear on a player.
Who knows had LSU took him he may have turned into a star considering all the talent around him or he made not have seen the field & transferred out.