NC game. Embarrassing for college football.

This is a 12 vs 1 game in new system,

What a whiff.

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Pardon me for saying this but Georgia has slit TCUs throat and is drinking their blood.

If CSP had taken such philosophy we might have won a few more games last year.


K- State beat TCU in their B12 championship. Bama crushed K-State. Of course Georgia dominated.

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Which games did we lose because he didn’t take such an approach?

Been over that. CSP said himself he regretted going conservative in those games.

TCU would have been a 5 seed in the new format.

And the 6 seed damn near beat Georgia. aOSU was seeded behind TCU.

What does that say about Ohio State?

But which games did we lose because he failed to do it?


That they were the 2nd best team. The NC was decided when Georgia squeaked past them.
Who knows what Bama would’ve done.
Very glad we are getting an expanded playoff.
This game tonite was absolutely awful.

NCAA may want to implement a running clock in the future for these completely one sided games.

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I said Bama should be in and I was told the regular season counts. The level of competition also counts. TCU would’ve been 8-4 or so in the SEC.


I loved watching this game. We got to see a great college team playing a near perfect game. Don’t forget TCU beat a Michigan team that destroyed OH St. I firmly believe that tonight GA would have beaten OH ST, Mich, or even Bama almost as badly (by 3+ TDs) as they beat TCU. Yes, the game and the atmosphere did seem a little too big for first-timer TCU.

IMO, in this game, GA would have beaten any college team in the last 10 or so years. Even that great 15-0 LSU team with Burrow at QB.


This game was the poster boy for why we do NOT need an expanded playoff.

Does anyone really think the 9th or 11th best team will put up a good game vs. 1 or 2?

Get ready for a LOT more games like this in the expanded playoff. Only thing it will do is expose some of the best players on the best teams to injury in meaningless blowouts before they get down to the final game. Which, by the way, will probably mean more and more top players sitting out even the playoff Bowl games.

Oh…and bring in millions of dollars for the NCAA.

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Who would you have taken out to put Bama in?

Would you have put Cincy in last year?

The Frogs.

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Why not Michigan? If you’re going to use hindsight to select your playoff sure seems that tcu beating Michigan head to head would make them a more appropriate choice

If we are not going to use results from the regular season to choose the playoff, why even have it?

Wouldn’t Tennessee have a better case than Bama? They did beat them afterall

Tcu was absolutely deserving of making the playoff. They had a better season than Bama.

To me this just further shows that we don’t need to expand the playoff any further

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It’s very debatable who should have gotten in Tennessee or Alabama but I would have went with Tennessee since they won Head to Head butTCU because of their record was going to get that shot.

Michigan steam rolls TCU 9/10 times but they had an incredibly bad game where they gave away two touchdowns with pick 6’s which would probably happen once in a blue moon, for some reason got away from what they do best inside the five yard line and could not score a couple of times and yet with all of that going against them, the game still ended up being a 3 point game.

The game would have been a blowout like I said 9/10 but on that one given day TCU was able to miraculously pull out the win but they are nowhere near in the league of Alabama Tennessee or Michigan Ohio State as far as talent and it showed in a very bad way in the NC


Pretty much this…

But at some point, the games have to matter. The results have to matter. The resumes have to matter. Sunday, the Playoff’s 13-member selection committee officially agreed, batting away any suggestion TCU would be squeezed out in favor of juggernaut Alabama.

And this was written before TCU beat an undefeated Big 10 Champ on a neutral field.

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