I don’t even know where to begin.

I do know we better get some linebackers.

It’s already been talked about, but Allen is going to need a wheelchair if the line doesn’t start playing.

Is this post from 6 years ago. How many consecutive years have we needed linebackers?

No way you can say otherwise. Definitely a set back for the program

The embarrassing part is the lack of effort across the board and the poor preparation. This was a complete no-show from top to bottom.

We’re getting worse

Program issues are obvious.

Not a coaching thing.

Pay Saban 20m a year and he doesn’t win with this Talent.

Solve talent issues year after year and why Ark can’t compete and win the obvious answer of why program suffers.

It’s the pink elephant that we must solve for or we just hope something happens

Agreed. Total Fail.

I know its bad when dudley and Richard and agreeing, they usually try to say something good…