Embarrassing effort

Just terrible.

Vandy has ran about 4 plays all day…why we choose not to guard the TE is unreal to me.

We are so predictable on defense. I hope
We don’t find out that w better talent in the future we get the same results because of coaching. Vandy has owned our defense.

They’ve schemed us all day and we have played with less effort than my 6th graders. Truly pathetic.

There’s a reason we got Chavis. Because he’s not good anymore.

There’s a reason jimbo wasn’t interested in him, he’s not good anymore.

There was a reason he was ran out of LSU, he wasn’t good anymore.

What’s predictable? What plays? I don’t see issue with scheme. I see issue with the players executing. But I get the impression you think we are in the wrong defense all the time that’s predictable. What defense are we running that’s easy to score on? What should we be running? Interested in your answers. Thanks.

careful boys! we got some posters don’t like reality posts…

Why didn’t you post this last week?

Now that you have posted it, can we assume you won’t comment anymore on the defense. You’ve made your position clear. Bring something new please. This adds no value to this board.

Calm down

How many plays have they ran the ball left? How many yards are they getting per rush to the left? They’ve gutted us there all day.

Reality is we suck. You or anyone else telling me it doesn’t confirm it. Just makes you annoying.


Yes I know. So what’s predictable about our defense that allows them to do that. Scheme? I’m asking about your expertise on the defense we were running and scheme wise how it’s predictable that allows them to gut is. Do you know?

I am calm trust me…very obvious to see what is happening.

Excuse me for not posting as we managed to stop a truly terrible Tulsa offense who I believe was working with their back up qb.

But, I’ve been pretty vocal on here for many weeks that Chavis isn’t worth is pay.

Run to the left, run to the left then bam screen to the right. Pretty good play calling & scheming.

Offense scores 31…Great Job!!

Which poster boy DC’s could have come in here & done better with these players. Not that they are going to call AR for a job interview.

My point exactly. Why beat a dead horse? We know. You aren’t accomplishing anything. It’s easy to do what you do.