We are not the best football team in this state. FACT.
As fans we are embarrassed? FACT
As fans we are somewhat indifferent? OPINION
We, the contributors/season ticket holders, must see change or many will bail on this ARROGANT administration. FACT
I agree with not firing the coach during the season. I do not agree with the “oh my goodness, who will we get with all of the jobs that are coming open this year” sentiment. Look at the north end zone, there is money to be found and we need a coach who can recruit and has some deception to his style of coaching. I am not saying Gus, but a coach who can trick the defense with deception. Were we deceptive today? Did we win the war in the trenches? The right fit can be found if the search committee knows what they should be looking for.
If the U of A BOT decides to sit pat on a bad hand the U of A will regret it as we, the fans, are SICK AND TIRED and we have the checkbooks JLong is interested in. OOC Jeff. Out Of Cash. FACT
Our family is going to contribute to Arkansas State, UCA, and UALR next year for the first time ever. EVER. FACT
Seems like they care about their programs and know how to conduct business.
Actual butts in the seats attendance today…MAYBE 42,000. FACT
And now, HOG FANS, it is time for the 2018 season ticket renewals and with the present staff and administration in place, WAY DOWN. FACT
How would you like to be the head of the U of A razorback foundation or work for the foundation? IMPOSSIBLE JOB as we have no product to sell. All they can do is chase the Wal Mart vendors, who often are not from here, and just want to be entertained. I was not entertained today! Were you? NO. FACT
My bad, the razorback foundation can try and do damage control. Damage is done but we can be fixed. FACT
If LSU, Mississippi State and Missouri show up for the remaining three games. We lose all three. FACT


Somebody tell me I have lost my mind if you think I have.

You seem a little nutso, but I agree with much of your manifesto.

Man. Take a deep breath. We’re awful. But you’re gonna stroke out.

Yeah I may stroke out probably because i care. But I can try to care a little less. Going for my VALIUM now.

Season ticket renewals won’t be due till March, and I doubt they’ll be down whether the current coach is kept or not. Most season ticket holders (those that can’t contribute huge amounts of money) know that if you give up your priority it is very hard to get it back. I have been a small contributor since 97, and if I gave up my tickets there is no way I could afford buy back in and get them back. If your family is going to support other state schools then congratulations, they need all the help they can get. Perhaps if you can convince others to do the same the students and taxpayers won’t have to foot their bills. Also, facts aren’t facts just because you believe they will happen. We may well lose the next three games, but it is not a “fact” that we will.

Not only do the other schools need the help. they appreciate the help. They are thankful and gracious with a touch of class. There are lessons to be learned from humility because we should be real humble now.