Embarrasing effort.

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Agreed. They just didn’t show up plain and simple.

I kinda had a bad feeling after listening to Macon in the press conference the other day. He seemed to be really feeling himself, usually when that happens, guy comes out the next game and plays bad.

If this ain’t an opportunity for the freshmen to get experience I guess it ain’t ever going to happen. I don’t understand how Bailey and Jones get minutes in key times in close sec games, but we can’t give them a chance in a blow out?

What has anyone in the box score done today to deserve more minutes in the second half over our bench? Macon is the first to earn a warm seat on the far end of the bench… see my post on the kinsgsley Macon thread. I like him. But his gonna bring effort when I feel like it attitude belongs at the hper or or a Robb Smith defense.