Email from the ticket office

Says 1,941 season tickets remain available in BWA. With the first game in 2.5 months.

Doubt if any of those are in lower bowl. It’s been a long time coming back.

They aren’t, they’re mostly bin the north end, and upper rows of most sections.

What is the actual sellable ticket #? Is it about 19,400 or so?

Minus what they’re reserving for students, which is roughly 2500.

I wonder if they they’re still holding out the entire east end upper deck for students. That has been the case for several years now. They would list a game as a sellout and usually there will be many empty seats in those sections unless we’re playing a really big game. Those were not held for students back in the 90’s and early 2000’s when more tickets were sold. I had friends who used to have season tickets in that upper end back in the day

Yes, they allocate 9800 or show for the students, which is the lower section and those upper deck sections.

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