Email from Hog Baseball

Most of it was as expected (limited attendance, social distancing, likely that seats will be moved, etc.)

But this part blows my mind:

  • There will be no traditional “season ticket renewal” process this year.
  • Once the schedule is complete, the process of purchasing seats on a single game basis will be communicated to you. With limited ticket availability, stricter ticket limits per account will be in place this season. Tickets will be made available based upon your 2020 Annual Fund membership level (as of 12/31/20).

How on earth will THAT work? And what about parking under those conditions?

I figure with attendance limited to 1700 or so, parking will be fine.

True, but there are different levels of parking, are they just going to merge the Cardinal and White lots?

There’s adequate parking right now for those levels, correct? They’ll do like football, use less lots and move everyone closer.

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Just to be clear, I’m not worried about parking. I’m just curious. What I am stumped by is how they will do the purchase of tickets on an individual game basis.

Yes, that seems like a nightmare to me.

That makes me a little nervous, but I’m sure it will be organized well.

I always have a few wasted tickets. That won’t happen this year.

I agree. I have had the same tickets since 96. Does this mean my tickets will change every game. My tickets to WBB changed but I have kept same tickets for every game and I should be able to do same for baseball. I wonder how Bobby Smittle feels about this!

Parking isn’t a problem for any athletic event these days. In the media, we don’t even have parking passes for Arkansas basketball this year. Park where you want.

There were four cars in the lot that I parked in for football games this year. Four. It’s not far from the stadium, either.

I thought about Smittle and the guy sits across the aisle from him when I got the email. :smiley:

It will be interesting to see how they reorganize us.

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