Email address for UAF complaints

Email Kim Christ,

Kim has nothing to do with the UAF policy, but is the one you can email to voice your opinion.

WTH did I miss?

Richard is talking about the ADG referring to the University of Arkansas or U of A as University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, or UAF.

ACTUALLY i’M ABOUT TO PUKE, Over University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

It’s stupid, crazy. I find myself OVER and OVER waiting on another word. Ft. Smith. Magazine, Po dunk City, Little Rock. And the Steven’s group can fall off the map as far as I care. I am hating LR more and more every day!!

I’m sick of it and I’ve had enough.

Who ever came up with this deal is a Dumb Ass.


Please stop this University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Email Kim Christ, Miss Christ, Little Rock As a senior citizen and reading the U of A

for 60 years you are wasting my time and every body else that has to attach their brain to

University of Arkansas, Fayettiville . It actually throws my brain off it’s actually stupid.

This is my post on another site. I mean NO harm but this deal is about to get on my nerves!!

ACTUALLY I’m ABOUT TO PUKE, Over University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

It’s stupid, crazy. I find myself OVER and OVER waiting on another word. Ft. Smith. Magazine, Po dunk City, Little Rock.
And the Steven’s group can fall off the map as far as I care. I am hating LR more and more every day!!

I’m sick of it and I’ve had enough.

Who ever came up with this deal is a Dumb Ass.


Thank-you Miss Christ, (Little Rock)

Here is what I sent.

I have sent my opinion to Kim. Hopefully it will help in some small way to stop this University of Arkansas Fayetteville madness. Just like voting, everyone needs to get involved. Thanks Richard for the heads up.

This is what I heard directly from the editor of the D-G. UALR insisted on being called Little Rock which is not their legal name. The D-G refused. Then it was pointed out that the legal name for the U of A is in fact the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. This was pointed out to the D-G and pressure was brought to bare to be consistent in using the legal name for both institutions. I then emailed the chairman of the U of A board requesting the board consider changing the name of the U of A to simply the University of Arkansas. I got no reply. Perhaps if the U of A was bombarded to drop the Fayetteville from the legal name it would happen. I am irritated every time I read the present legal name of the U of A in the D-G!

I did get a reply, as we could have guessed.

Kim’s reply and mine

Yes, that is the reason. I tied 2 threads together. And it didn’t come out very well said. Although I do have trouble putting my thoughts on paper. That is not a gift I was given.
It changes the flow of words. Anyway if you can change, pass this opinion along I would be appreciated.

Mike Tucker
40 years giving to the Razorback Foundation.
(Thought that gave me the right to respond)

From: Kim Christ <>
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:21 AM
To: Mike <>
Subject: Re: Please stop this University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Dear Mike, I’m not exactly certain what it is that you are upset about, but I’m going to assume it is it that we use the title “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” to describe the institution. If so, I’ll explain why though I doubt it will ease your distress. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville is the official name of the university. It is our policy to call institutions and businesses by their legal names. Personally, I wish they would change it. It would make many people happy, and that would make me happy. Until that time, we’ll have to stick with the official name. I do hope you can find some peace over this issue.

Warmest regards,


Lol. This cracks me up.

I most companies “legal” names includes INC. or LLC. Are they going to start including that when they write stories about Wal Mart?

I wish they would just admit what it is. For whatever reason they have a burr in their saddle regarding the UA and they are passive aggressively sticking to them.

Man up.
Own it.
Be willing to accept the consequences.

But don’t hide behind BS.

Legal name for ASU.

Arkansas State University – Jonesboro
(This legal name must appear on all proposals, award documents and contracts.) …

But yet, it doesn’t appear this way in news articles. … -contract/

My response from Kim:

Dear Miles, The newspaper’s policy is to call institutions and businesses by their legal names. The university’s name is “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” Personally, I hope they change it so we can make you, and many others, happy. Until then I hope you can understand that there is no slight intended toward the university. Perhaps you’ve noticed that we commit quite a few resources to coverage of the university and its sports teams, we certainly do not want to offend readers. We are fans, too. When UA changes its name, we will change it in our news copy immediately. Perhaps you can ask those at the university who make such decisions to change the name to better suit its fans.

Kim Christ is an ASU grad according to her Facebook page.

Here is an email I just sent her

Ms. Christ:

I’d like to weigh in on a topic you’ve probably gotten sick of hearing about. However, as both a long-time subscriber to the ADG & an alum of the University of Arkansas, I am sick of the relatively new policy of adding “Fayetteville” to every story about the UA or particularly the Razorbacks. This only calling them by the “legal name” seems a bit disingenuous to me. I suppose it has been the school’s “legal name” since it first merged with UALR & then others starting in about 1971.

For years no one got confused when a story only referred to the “Arkansas Razorbacks” or the “University of Arkansas Razorbacks.” Everyone knows. I bet you don’t add “Inc” to every story wherein you name Wal-Mart or General Motors.

If this is ADG “style” it’s a silly style. You don’t say ASU at Jonesboro. You don’t even call any premiere out of state universities by their city’s name. How many stories refer to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa or University of Georgia, Athens, etc? I bet you haven’t even bothered to find out if their “legal” names include the city.

Your policy is silly. Alone, it’s probably not enough to cause me to cancel my subscription, but along with your over-priced subscriptions, and other things, I’m seriously considering it.

Great thread on this on the recruiting board, Hogmodo I believe has pulled up the legal name and it says “Fayetteville” isn’t recommended to be used. Great reading on this in the recruiting section

Non Alumni fans for some time have senced this happening where the program is becoming more UAF and less Arkansas

The “Razorbacks” across the uniform instead of “Arkansas” can be construed as another indidtaker of this -

Folks are just too sensitive (Me included) this maybe part of the fallout of the Great WMS debate and changing times

The uniform with “Razorbacks” most likely had nothing to do with wanting to separate the program from “Arkansas” they are one in the same

I can see out of state recuits being more inclined with “Razorbacks”!right now too

Still Arkansas majors news paper calling The University Of Arkansas - “UAF” is not helpful -

The state of the fans I sense is fragile

This comes with change but I bet you dollars to donuts

If Arkansas starts winning in football it will all work out and this other stuff will just melt away to a fringe

So win - just win - build the brand and it will all be ok

Coach Morris I’m a believer Go Hogs Go

And has nothing at all to do with the decision as Richard noted earlier.

She’s just the one who hears the complaints.

So what if she is an ASU grad?

So what if you almost went to ASU Jonesboro to play football?

Actually, you ALMOST did a lot of things. Woulda coulda shoulda

I love the internet. It really lets people show their true colors.

Yes, I almost did. But I decided to turn down the Tex Plunkett journalism scholarship - although I was very honored to receive it - and not play football there because Eddie Sutton asked me to do so and I wanted to continue my friendship and bond with Charles Balentine.

I have nothing against Arkansas State. I think it is great school, especially its journalism department. I spent a lot of time on their campus going to sporting events and visiting with their professors while I was growing up in a small farming community outside of Newport.

It’s one thing to get on fans of any school that act silly at times, but I see no reason to attack the actual school itself.