Email address for UAF complaints

Email Kim Christ,

Kim has nothing to do with the UAF policy, but is the one you can email to voice your opinion.

Dang Richard did you at least warn her before throwing her to the Anti-UofA, Fay crowd :joy::joy:

Nope. I was told she’s the one to reach out to. You guys have every right to voice your opinion. I hope everyone does.

Thanks Richard. I just sent my email to the address you gave. And I minced no words and gave my phone number and asked them to allow me to verbally share my displeasure.

Ugh! It’s so dumb.

Glad you did.

As I stated in my email to her, you either hate it or can ignore it. Can’t believe anyone likes it. It’s like Ar-Kansas to me.


Here’s Kim’s response:

The newspaper’s policy is to call institutions and businesses by their legal name on first reference. In this case, that is “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” If the university drops “Fayetteville” from its name, we’ll immediately make the change. We’d like nothing more than to make you happy in this matter. Perhaps its time the fans ask the UA system’s leadership to drop the unnecessary location information from its flagship institutions name.

Best regards,


I heard back from Kim. Here is what she had to say:

Dear Mr. Woodson,

It is the newspapers long standing policy to call businesses and institutions by their legal name. The “University of Arkansas, Fayettville” is the institutions official name. Perhaps the universities fans can convince them to change their name. If it does, we’ll immediate change it’s title in our news coverage.

Best regards,


Long standing is inaccurate. Big time.

What did she say about the list of other institutions not named by their legal name?

“Missouri, Texas Tech, California, Purdue, Boise State and Houston”

mailed my email off and asked the same thing as mp24 asked in his post…waiting on their response.even asked for documentation from the board of trustees to prove this is "their"policy and not the paper’s.


I’ll believe someone at the paper will do something about this about the same time the NCAA punishes someone for cheating.

50% drop in subscribers will get them to change faster than anything the NCAA will ever do, other than cashing a check for March Madness.

Long standing policy my arse!!! If that was the case then it would have been happening a LONG TIME AGO. That is a load of BS in her responses and clearly someone above her basically handed her a typed memo and said…respond this way! What a load of crap!

If about 100 fans were to sign a petition requesting the change or an immediate refund for their subscription it might rattle the right cage.

Like others, I know when I’m being sold a bill of goods. And, I suspect it is not her decision but she gets to be the messenger.

If it is a policy, it is being applied with reckless inconsistency. Virtually every school mentioned in a sports article has an “official” name different than the brand name. Virginia Tech is not referred to as Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, for example.

I tend to be a snoot about using wiki sites as resources, but I bet Kim’s boss accepts it.

By the way, we can “sign on” as online entities with names like “Oklahawg.” At some point, it has to be real names, the ones attached to the credit cards that pay the ADG bills (one month at a time).

For now, you can tell them Oklahawg will bail if this doesn’t change, or they don’t also use every school’s legal and fundamentally accurate name (see previous post). Feel free to join in and use my name.

Hate this for every online employee - it is not Richard’s fault, not Dudley’s, not Clay’s, etc. Yet, they are at the front line of the bitterness.

Not sure what the source is for this Wikipedia entry, but . . . … sas_System

“Legally, the entire system carries the name University of Arkansas. Nonetheless, to avoid confusion with its flagship campus in Fayetteville, the system usually refers to itself as the University of Arkansas System and [color=#BF0000]the Fayetteville campus usually refers to itself as the University of Arkansas[/color]

Who does make that policy. Funny they refuse to say.

Kim Christ is an ASU grad according to her Facebook page.

This was my response from Kim. I told her it like calling it Ar-Kansas,

It is the newspaper’s policy to call institutions and businesses by their legal names. The university’s official name is “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” The newspaper did not arbitrarily tag on the location to belittle the institution or to vex you. If the UofA decides to listen to its fans and change its official name, we will immediately make the change. Let’s hope that is sooner than later so that fans will not continue to be distressed by this issue.