ELO Stat Question

Warren Nolan shows the Hogs as #51 today in the ELO Ranking, that’s behind North Carolina State (5-2) at #46 and Georgia Tech (3-2) at #121.

Interestingly, the Hogs bested GT on the road, while GT beat NCS on the road.

Is ELO meaningful today in college basketballl and if so, does the Hogs #51 appear reasonable?

I have not heard of ELO before. Do you know what it stands for?

For old farts like me, it stands for “Electric Light Orchestra” :slight_smile:


End-Less Optics

ELO is the standard presentation for the inventor’s last name of Elo. I’ve seen such ratings for years without knowing much about it.

We’ll likely have to wait for Swine Fusion for clarification…

In my mind, it immediately indicates a person’s level of chess play.

If you look it up in reference to Warren Nolan it’s called a chess score. If anyone plays chess they might be able to explain it.

What little info I found, it’s degree of difficulty against opposing team, strategy used by opposing team, etc, etc…

Sagarin has been doing ELO rankings for years, mainly for college football. It is derived from rankings of chess players and how they perform against each other. Basically, a player (or team) has its performance estimated by how it did against other players or teams. If a team wins, it is assumed that it performed better than its opponent.

I did locate some hoops ELO numbers done by a guy named Bart Torvik. He has our ELO at #15, which is a lot different than 51.

That’s interesting. I could not find a definition of ELO by Nolan (producing the #51 ranking). Still, what a difference. I’ll add Nolan’s RPI has the Hogs at #14, which is awful close to the #15 you reference.

Here’s the Torvik numbers.

Torvik hoops ELO

Torvik has our raw ELO number at 1402 while Nolan has it at 1629, yet we’re relatively much higher under Torvik. I tried to read the Wikipedia article on ELO rating and my head was swimming. I do know that because ties are an integral part of chess and don’t happen in basketball, the original ELO formula had to be tweaked to remove ties. Presumably in soccer, where ties happen a lot, the formula wouldn’t change much if at all.

Sorry I am old and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but all I could come up with was Electric Light Orchestra, a pretty good group in the day for all you kids!

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I went to see ELO in concert in Washington, DC, in July. Jeff Lynne still rocks pretty good at age 71. George Harrison’s son Dhani was the opening act and sang with Jeff on the Traveling Wilburys song “Handle With Care,” which of course George was part of originally.

Thanks…I normally like to know (understand) the why. But, I’m beginning to think my question wasn’t too worthwhile to others.

I’d say it might have been more meaningful as ELP, rather than ELO.

Emerson Lake and Palmer. Another excellent band.

If you can make sense of this hats off to you. Maybe I could have understood it 30 years ago but not now.

What the heck is Elo?

Just took a look at that article, and my read of it is that while it does handle ties, no tweak would be necessary for a system where ties never happen…they just…never happen. In other words, it is set up to handle wins over opponents you are rated higher than, and wins over those who are rated higher than you, as well to losses to both foes rated higher and lower than you, and (if possible) ties against teams rated higher or lower than you are. In basketball, incidents involving ties just never are part of the equation - literally.

Makes sense, I suppose. As I said my head was swimming. Haven’t done anything with equations since freshman calculus in 1978.

Who was the p before Palmer?

Cozy Powell replaced Carl Palmer as the drummer for a while in 1985-86; Palmer had obligations to the supergroup Asia he couldn’t get out of at the time. Then Lake was replaced by Robert Berry while Palmer came back, that version was known as “3”. The original ELP got back together for a 1992 album.

So my Emerson Lake and Palmer story is that in 1977 I was being driven to LAX from San Diego to board a flight eventually to Fort Smith, it was early in the morning. We were movin right along, and then out of the blue this purple Rolls flies by in the fast lane…I figure going 95 or 100…license plate ELP…they’d played in SD the night before.

Now, I liked the group but never saw them play in person…but, saw them living fast.

Well, I was the sports editor of the University newspaper in college…but my degree was in Mathematics (minor in Statistics). Ironically, I never really used that degree directly in my post-college professional career. But it comes in handy every now and again.