Why keep giving Elmo a hard time when he is clearly right? We hired the wrong guy. Yes, he may take us from 1-11 to 8-5 eventually but, that still isn’t where this program should be. These are the same players pretty much that beat Ole Miss last year and went 4-8 and now 1-11 looks likely. That is with the return of Jared Cornelious and Ryan Pulley. Houston Nutt took a 4 win team to a 9 win team in his first year. There is no excuse for losing these games. A good coach takes the talent he has and wins the games he is supposed to win and adjusts to the talent he has, and we have not done that. We just keep chucking the ball deep when obviously the quarterbacks and receivers aren’t capable of doing this. Good coaches try to give their players the best chance to succeed and that isn’t happening. Like Elmo says I hope I am wrong.


Jared Cornelius is also returning from a torn Achilles. He will likely never be the same, and even before that, while he was a solid slot, he wasn’t a game breaker.

Pulley is good, but has no help.

We had a better QB last year.

Lost a 1st round OL, and likely the best OL we’ve had in well over a decade.

No leadership on this team, abismal qb talent, doesn’t look like anything more than a 4 win team to me.

wheather Morris is the right hire or not Elmo has said basically the same thing on every post . It gets OLD reading the same thing every time .

All were hurt last year.

I give him a hard time because he makes statements of absolute fact and never backs it up. Then when he’s proven wrong, he disappears until something happens to bolster one of his other preconceived notions. I’m not questioning his fandom, but he’s disingenuous with his posts. You and he don’t think Morris is the right coach for us. Great, I don’t think anybody cares that you two feel that way, BUT to condemn a man’s tenure before or after a few games in his first season, is clearly short sited. I’m not saying Morris will be successful here. He may very well fall flat on his face, BUT I’m willing to give him time and based on other things I’ve seen and heard with my own eyes and ears from him, I personally have a lot more hope about his leading this team than I have in years.

The last staff won an SEC game with Cole Kelley as the qb. Now we can’t even move the ball with him as qb.

He’s not proven right yet about Morris. Not even close. A much bigger body of work is needed.

In fact, Elmo is likely to be proven wrong, just like he is going to be shown utterly wrong about recruiting.

I watched the Stoerner Fumble game against Tennessee on Youtube a few weeks ago just before this season. The talent that Houston Nutt inherited was amazing. Great QB, great RB’s, great offensive line, one of the best receivers in Razorback history in Lucas, very good tight end, All-SEC safety, great cornerbacks, very good defense, etc. Danny Ford recruited very well his last two seasons but never got to cash in on it. Houston took that talent and did well, but his recruiting never matched Danny’s and he turned out not to be that good of a coach when he was playing only his recruits later.

If you compare THAT team to the one CCM inherited they are light years apart in talent. UT was good but Bama and LSU were down, the Mississippi schools were floundering, and HDN and the Hogs just got very lucky. CCM is dealing with a big step down in talent at QB and offensive line from last year and last year’s team was dead last in the SEC West. If you are expecting CCM to be able to give you an HDN type first season turn around with this team, you need to go get glasses because you are blind to reality. JMVVVVHO.

And that’s where he disappeared. He stated we wouldn’t get certain guys and we got them. No comment from elmo. The only one he said(that I remember) that hasn’t committed is Hudson Henry, and even I’ll admit I’m worried about that because our TE’s haven’t played that well yet. We’ll see.

Not expecting 9 wins but, 1-11 would be unacceptable.

Because even if it’s the “wrong” hire as he says , no one in their right mind is going to make any changes any time soon. So basically the bemoaning of the same point over and over and over is simply childish at best.

True fans who don’t get their way still support the team and, when their complaints do more harm than good, they shut up and wait to be proven right before attacking. None of that describes Elmo at all. He is just a Troll with a single agenda and really doesn’t care about the Razorbacks.

What he said!

Our grand son likes Elmo a lot. He’s only two, but always wants to watch and play with him.

While I agree with your sentiments, I would argue the bold is not completely accurate. In 06 we were as close to an SEC championship as we have ever been, would’ve won it except for a fluke injury that put a freshman punt returner on the field, and that was completely HDN’s team.

EXCELLENT Post… Point on!!! 100% correct!

You guys can poke fun, talk trash, and keep up all that junk.

But get your story straight -

Recruiting - I said we wouldn’t get Henry, and the 2 OL that went to OM and OU. That happened with 2 of them, and Hudson won’t be coming here unless a shocking and drastic change happens with this offense.

And UNTIL I see this coach and this staff prove me and a lot of people wrong, you can bet that I will continue my opinion and stance about it.

Stop worrying about what I say, and worry about yourselves.

264 and still nothing but “I hate Morris and all my posts will be badly disguised hissy fits about him or his recruits.”

Elmo, quit making a Joke of this message board . Every body is tired of your posts

Pretty sure you said we weren’t getting Zach Williams and Treylon Burk either. Dudley would remember better.

“You and a lot of people.” See, define a lot. I’ve seen 2-3 people on these boards speak like you. I travel from Fayetteville, to Osceola, and down to Bryant and nobody talks with such certainty about the failure of the coach like you.

It’s not that you have an opinion, it’s that you constantly repeat your opinion, add no facts to your opinion but call them facts, disappear when proven wrong, and then jump back in with your “I told you so” stance, which makes your “I hope I’m wrong” stance hollow because it seems your relishing in what’s going on just so you can be right. Stop doing stuff like this and you wouldn’t get called out.