Is gonna love this one. Lots of folks gonna eat crow for this week at least including me.

subdued response, probably bittersweet. CCM feels like the same thing written in a new way as Derrick Mason here at Vandy. Finally getting his semblance of what he learned at Stanford, so I’m trying to convince myself that given time CCM will deliver.

I’ll admit I did expect a win, but felt it would be close. Already predicted NTSU straight up before this game was even played.

Long painful process ahead of us.

Losing isn’t the problem. How we lost is. Players deserved a better result. Coach didn’t believe in them. I suspect they may not believe in him after this.

I told y’all…But I was roasted for it. I hate that we lost, don’t get me wrong. Those players deserved to win that game, and I am still a supporter of the Razorbacks. But not this coach.

But I said from the beginning that they were over their heads, ESPECIALLY Craddock. Punting on 4th and inches. Wow.

There is no excuse for this loss. Plenty of reasons, but no excuse. I am sure CCM will come out and put it on himself, yada, yada…

And if you think this was bad, wait until SEC play starts.

We hired the wrong coach, folks. This is not a program, or league where you learn on the job. Stop blaming CBB, talent level, etc. This is about coaching.

No crow for me.

I said back in the spring not to sleep on this game. But most thought this would be a win, and so did I after the Rams’ 0-2 start. But they were getting an SEC team at home and were ready to pull off the win. I started to say upset, but don’t think that necessarily applies here.

Surprisingly, I agree with everything you said in this post. Maybe not at 4 pm. But after what I saw today, I agree with you. If chad came out and said he totally screwed up I’ll give him another game.

You were roasted because you wouldn’t shut up about it.

I sure didn’t…but guess what?

I was right.

Mic drop.

Give him another game?!? Yet you stuck with Bert after the Rutgers meltdown, 3-9, 11-29, etc. LOL

No, that’s not a Mic drop, its annoying.

Yes. I learned me lesson you taught me well. I won’t make the same mistake twice. You should be proud. Actually you should take your own advice and agree with me or you’ll be in for the same long season as CM will.

Well I was so so right and you were mind numbingly wrong for the last three years - glad you finally admitted it! :lol:

People overreacting, per usual. Game sucked. Coaching sucked. But completely giving up on the guy? C’mon. Yall are better than that.

Is the goal for you to be right and me to be wrong or fun us to have a winning program? You confuse me at times. CM sucked tonight, right? That’s a problem, right? Do you want to keep sucking?

And while we argue among ourselves as to who is the better fan, the college football world continues to laugh out loud at our low expectations and even worse results.

Our program has gone from irrelevant to completely irrelevant.

It hurts to say for this long time fan.

But it is true.

It’s time we stop calling out fans who are dissapointed.

If you aren’t dissapointed in a bad product more times than not for 25 years, our low expectations may be the problem.

Did we suck tonight? Yep

Do I want to keep sucking ? Nope

Do I take a guy seriously that made excuses for Bert for five years and is now advocating firing the new coach after only two games? Not in the least

Do I think you are perhaps the least credible poster on the board and are making a fool of yourself tonight with your temper tantrum? Absolutely! :smiley:

What a clown.

What if Petrino had lost either of his first two games? Remember - the 1 point win we had over Western Michigan where we had to come from behind in the last minute to win? Had we lost that game, would he have been a bad coach?

My point . . . anyone who didn’t see this as being a possible loss, or who thinks that the results absolutely brands this new coaching staff as “losers” only out themselves as someone who know nothing about football. Not surprised that elmo already has the hook in his mouth.

I’ve said all along - about ANY coaching staff, not just this one - that you don’t really know much about how they will work out until you’ve seen at least two complete years and their 3rd recruiting class (as the first one is 80% in the barn before they arrive). I still feel that way. But I know that elmo is not bound by logic or sanity.

Why do you think we sucked tonight?

We sucked because the two older QBs are not FCS QBs IMO and our talent is the worst in the league and probably in the bottom five of all P5 schools.