Eliud Kipchoge repeats as marathon winner

Stayed with the lead pack, including Galen Rupp of the USA, for most of the race, and then just said “See ya later” and disappeared into the distance. Ended up winning by about 400 meters, 1:20 on the clock. Rupp finished eighth, three minutes behind Kipchoge.

Current weather in Sapporo, where they ran both Olympic marathons, is 80 degrees with 73% humidity. I’ve run marathons in warm weather. It sucks. You feel like you’re going to die, then you’re sure you will die, and mine weren’t 80/73 conditions. You ask your legs to keep moving, and they’re like “Screw you, buddy, I’m stopping.” Cramps, spasms, stitch in your side, lightheadedness, all kinds of fun things. But Kipchoge (who won in Rio, and who holds the world marathon record) didn’t look tired at all. He averaged 4:54 miles for 26.2 of them. I never ran a 4:54 mile for ONE mile. Best marathoner ever? I think you can say that.


One of those machines.

He was amazing.

And it was incredibly close for the silver and bronze. Whoever wanted a close race in a marathon, got their wish for those medals.

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