Elite QB tells why he was 'blown away' by Arkansas (audio)

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I’ve lived in 7 different states besides Arkansas for any length of time for work and it amazes me still the misconceptions people have of our people and state. I’m glad this young man had his mind and perception blown, but it does go to show how stereotypes can plague someones perception. That’s why I’m glad this coaching staff seems very good at getting good talent to visit our state and school. I’m very hopeful with this young man, though I know it will of course be a challenge.

You have to wonder how many kids never visit just because of the stereotypes and belief Arkansas can’t be as nice as many of the other schools recruiting them.

Great point RD. This stuff has always angered me so much when I read or hear about it. Having grown up in Northwest Arkansas I know first hand how much of an incredible place it is. Finally, kids here in the DFW area are starting to see it and realize it too over the past say 5-8 years while going to school up there. So many I have come in contact with and after asking them of their experience while there all said they would love to live there again someday. All called it home and absolutely loved it. I feel certain coaches try to use it as a recruiting tool against us but the more kids that come in and visit and the more these players here from other friends and students from their high schools that currently go their the perception will slowly change. I feel certain your friends wouldn’t lie to you about something like that, especially if they are already a part of it themselves! This staff will continue to open eyes and blow others away that step foot on the campus and come to the Hill!

Coach Morris said early on in the recruiting process. Just get the kids here and the place sells itself.

Status quo.