Elite offense?

I think so!
Unless I’ve missed it, we haven’t had one intentional walk.
That speaks volumes to me. Who would you intentionally walk? The next guy up has just as much potential to hurt you as the next guy, as the next guy, as the next guy and so on. This line up is potent! Everyone has multiple hr’s.
We may not always get the needed hit at the right time, but the threat of the hit or hr is there.
Agree? Disagree? Different perspective?

We’re ninth in the country in batting average at .313; second in SEC to Kentucky, and we’ve already thumped them three times.

Second in home runs.

Twelfth in total runs. It looks like we’d be eighth if they ranked RPG (and I can’t believe they don’t).

So yeah, we’re pretty elite (remember that there are 297 teams in D1 baseball). The TV guys at Ole Miss were commenting about having Shaddy in the 9 hole hitting .345 with 7 bombs. Even as bad as Fletcher is scuffling, he’s slugging .404.

very much so!! we get Campbell pitching like he did at Kent. and Reindl and Rutledge to help late in the game and tighten up defense and we can win the NC!

You’re technically correct; we haven’t had “one” intentional walk … it’s been at least TWO! :stuck_out_tongue:

In Game 3 of the USC series, the last game was shortened to 8 innings due to travel.

Bottom of the 8th; USC leading 6-5; Biggers led off the inning with a single; Cole drove Jax in with a triple to tie the game.

Kjerstad and Bonfield (yes, Luke) were BOTH intentionally walked (to load the bases and create a force at home) … to get to Easton Murrell (who had previously pinch hit for Evan Lee). DVH promptly brought in Fletcher to pinch hit for Murrell, and Dominic smoked a 1-1 fastball right back up the middle … and darn near decapitated USC pitcher Conner Lunn (who made an acrobatic dive to avoid the ball).

Living in SoCal … it was my favorite sequence of that weekend! :smiley:

Thanks, LAHog!
I haven’t caught every game, so I wasn’t sure about the intentional walks. But, it certainly proves my point, that you intentionally walk any of our hitters and the next guy up has the potential to hurt you as well. Our 1 thru 9 lineup is dangerous and can make you pay.
Again, thanks for the correction!

I was just razzin’ ya!

It would take a special situation to IW one of our batters (LL/RR match-up, or perhaps to set up a force/double play).

But you are correct … it would definitely NOT be to get to a “weak” hitter!

BTW, have I ever regaled you in the USC series?! :lol: