Elite Eight matchups

In NCAA soccer. Times and dates to be announced.

Arkansas at Rutgers.
Duke is up 5-1 over St. John’s. They’ll host defending NC Santa Clara (who will host the College Cup).
Michigan at Florida State
Chickens at BYU

I noticed all 4 top seeds in our half of the bracket advanced.

On the other side, Duke looks to have a much easier path to the Final … though one should never underestimate unseeded Santa Clara. (Those ladies are playing fantastic soccer in the tourney, AGAIN.)

Santa Clara is fun to watch - unless it’s against you.

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RPI of remaining teams:

Florida State 1
Duke 2
Rutgers 3
Arkansas 4
Michigan 5
BYU 26
Santa Clara 32
South Carolina 40

Notre Dame was #16.

Just realized there are four conferences represented, each with two teams: ACC, SEC, Big Ten and West Coast.

NCAA website says the quarterfinal games will be played Friday and Saturday. Presumably two games each day, not to conflict with each other.

The 1, 3, 4, & 5 RPIs are the two quarterfinals on our side of the bracket. I’d say THAT’s the “real” College Cup. :open_mouth:

Indeed! The ability of their midfielders to possess and promote the ball from the defensive third to the 18 is a thing of beauty.

Too bad they don’t rebracket now based on RPI. We’d still have Michigan instead of Rutgers (Michigan beat them in the Big Ten tournament final, at Rutgers) but we’d be playing at home.

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