Elite big guy vs elite point guard

I would prefer a point guard who could create,find the open man,get the basket,create his own shot and make critical foul shots than an elite big man.We Have not had that in long time and I think biggest weakness this years team just exactly that.Look at the 16 beat 1 team last night. We have not had that in long time.This is just old man opinion been following Hogs 60 years.

That has been my point of view also. I am PG biased, I admit. Whenever you see phrase “he can play the PG also” in the scouting report, watch out. They use that phrase for Joe, Sills, Embery and Phillips from next year’s class. Tune that out. The only PG for next year is Jalen Harris. If he does not come through, we are back to this year’s scenario.

We did have Jabril Durham as the last true PG. Wish we had him for another year. It took him until his senior year to feel comfortable,

Inability to recruit a true PG has been the only issue I have had with Mike. Being a bigtime PG himself, I don’t know why he has put his trust in guys like Ky Madden and Anton Beard. He should know better.