Elite basketball camps hosted by colleges

Does Arkansas still host one of these or not? If not WHY NOT? It seems like everyone else is still hosting these and getting potential recruits on campus…why aren’t we? Talk about a missed opportunity.

The staff did them from 2002 to 2016.

And wlll get back to doing it again probably next season.

They - along with many other schools - will be adjusting some things to fit with the new AAU schedule.

If only they had been recruiting well lately how and taking care of opportunities, huh? :sunglasses:

Ya I just don’t get why you would stop in the first place. If everyone else is going to do it and open the program up like that we need to too. Starting them back up next year seems like a common sense idea to me.

I agree. Why suspend it for a year or two. There has to be a legit reason. We know they are not stupid and ignorant of the value.