Elite 8!

Just think about it for a min. This is heady level now. We use to get here somewhat regularly, but it has been so long. I hope we yawn at it in a few years, but don’t count on it.

This team was picked in the lower middle of the SEC. Shows how much the pickers know.

Baylor is a great team, but The Hogs will not back down. Enjoy



Gutted out 3 tough wins in a row. Seems like this Arkansas team got to elite 8 thru sheer force of will.

Xpecting anther tussle Monday night.

Fifth in the SEC, but clearly underestimated. Hell, we all underestimated them. If someone had posted in November that we’d be in the EE, I would have responded “love the optimism but you’re crazy.”

Fifty six teams have gone home from Indy. By tomorrow morning that number will be 60. Think about that.

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I believe a few here thought we could get to the Elite 8 at some point in the season. But before the season started not sure anybody thought it was realistic.

My expectations were to make the Tourney and hopefully win a game. They did that!

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That was my hope when the season started. I wasn’t sure it was realistic, but that was my hope. As we got into Feb, that was my goal—just get in & win a game.

My Hog experience told me a couple months ago, just get in and win a couple and wow how happy I would be. Now my 90’s greedy/cockiness has taken over and I want it all.

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Aloha Jeff,

Y’all treated me kindly when I posted last November of the Hogs reaching the FF. “Why not Arkansas”.


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You said why not, you didn’t say we would.

I was and still am bullish on the Hogs since Muss was hired. Pre season, I thought that we would have a chance to go to the Sweet Sixteen. After the blowout losses to LSU and Bama, I was hoping for a tournament bid. When we were seeded 3rd, I thought that we had a good chance to make the Sweet Sixteen and a shot at the Elite Eight.

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