Elite 8 defensive teams

Of all the teams in the Elite 8 we will have the best defensive efficiency except for Houston!

St Peter’s is ahead of us in defensive efficiency.

Really? my bad!

Yeah, I just rechecked and you are correct.
Ladies I saw, we were#25 and St Pete #11

I don’t know how much that has changed after the win over Gonzaga.

Pomeroy’s defensive rankings:

Houston #10
Arkansas #11
Kansas #22
Saint Peter’s #24
Villanova #25
UNC #42
Duke #46
Miami #114

Thanks Swine!
So we are currently the next highest defensive efficiency behind Houston, in the Elite 8

What about offensive efficiency?

Duke last won against Pomeroy’s #1 defensive team. So, I think they’ll be pretty ready for the Hogs. It may just depend on which team has the best legs remaining.

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Duke #2
Kansas #6
Houston #8
Nova #9
Miami #18
UNC #19
Arkansas #53
Saint Peter’s #216

And we just beat the #3 offense.

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Yep, I figure the Hogs are pretty solid. I felt the best stat in our last game was Notae’s “2” fouls…and think that just might be the most important tonight.

I think Toney will take their PG Roach. We’ll also need to limit their 3-point shooting and get production from JD, JWill and Stan. Dook won’t leave Wade alone like the Zags did.

Yeah, I think wades performance against Gonzaga will now force the opposing defense to pay attention.
Our offensive scoring is so sporadic that as soon as the defense concentrates on A, B, C shooters, D or E (or both) steps up and gives us 15 points that they didn’t expect. Then having to give more attention to D and E players, that leads to less pressure on A, B and C. Those 15 points from Wade were huge and I believe made the difference in winning the game.
If Notae can round back in to form on his 3pt shooting, It is gonna make it difficult for the defense.

Toney had some big games against Dook while he was at Pitt, including going off for 27 two years ago. They remember him

I also think it’s interesting that #5 Seed Houston is playing in San Antonio. #2 Seed Duke is playing in SF. #4 Arkansas is playing in SF after starting in West Buffalo - while St Peters is playing reasonably close by in Philly,

And now, the Razorbacks have the best defensive efficiency rating of the remaining teams. Might not mean a whole lot. But encouraging.

Our offensive efficiency last night was 0.98 – 69 points on 70 possessions. Duke’s was about what you would expect from a team that shot 55%. Nobody else has gotten close to that against us, not Auburn, not Gonzaga, not Kentucky, not A&M.

Duke was better than all of them, and it isn’t close

I think we could have beaten Duke with four days to prepare. But with 48 hours, no.

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Yeah, I would agree, if you give Muss four days, he will figure out something

So many McDonalds All-Americans, it was ridiculous. With more equitable refs, I think this would have been a four point or less game at the buzzer. Still, it has been a remarkable season.
Hopefully, we will see the elite eight more regularly going forward, as we push beyond that measuring stick.